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Tianli Education: Quality education is the cornerstone of comprehensive development. CPUs that are strongly adapted to children must be configured for children

Tianli Education: Quality education is the cornerstone of comprehensive development. CPUs that are strongly adapted to children must be configured for children

Let students have both academic and high -energy, deeply cultivating basic education for 22 years, and launching more than 60 schools in 18 provinces and cities.

Quality education empowers students to grow in an all -round way to help high school education. Jinxin, chief brand of Tianli Education, pointed out that quality education is the cornerstone of high school studies.The kernel, cultivating children’s attitudes and abilities in the future: actively exploring, innovative practice, optimism and courage, capable of discovering and enjoying the fun of life, and eventually making children a sound personality.

Implementing quality education: Chinese schools that are the world’s “Liu Lidi” curriculum system

Encouraging personalized and comprehensive development, Tianli Education has established a “Liu Li Yida” curriculum system to provide comprehensive teaching support for kindergarten to all stages of middle schools.

“In the era of digital change, the demand for high -level talents is not unchanged, high -energy and high energy, adapting to the times is the core work of basic education.” Xiao Yunyun, deputy dean of the Course Research Institute of Tianli Education Group, said that Tianli Education has beenBeginning with the development of curriculum, under repeated research, the current “Lida” curriculum system is finally formed, including different modules such as language culture, mathematical logic, science and technology, art expression, moral society, sports health, and learning quality.

作为天立教育的核心教育资源,立达课程通过可定制性满足不同年龄段学生的差异化教育需求,国家必修课程确保学生在学业上的收获和成长,综合素养提升课程助力出色的个人素质和Special long.Laureate the Tree people and five education, and provide a comprehensive and balanced education solution with the goal of standing, standing, learning, establishing, innovation, self -reliance, and talented people.Excellent talent that can be responsible.

“Lida Course is more like a high -end -customized education restaurant. It provides not only ‘staple food, hard dishes’, but also a comprehensive and balanced nutrition combination.” Dr. Xiao Yunyun said that the implementation of the course is not unchanged.Schools and teachers can implement and innovate according to their needs to achieve personalized education.Tianli Education has been focusing on the establishment of the establishment of the management system to make information support for the new school in the future, so that the Lida course “replication”.

The final positioning of the Lida course is to make Tianli a “Chinese school in the world”. Dr. Xiao Yun’s hope that in the future, Tianli Education will not only let domestic children go to the top of the world and the world’s top famous schools, but also for more overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese.Services allow their children to have a Chinese school that adapts to the education abroad and can return to China to take the college entrance examination.

Layout in the future: Technology leads the wisdom of educational wisdom to empower the national basic education

Focusing on the future, with innovation and development as the internal drive power. Today, Tianli Education takes basic education as the core, actively deploy scientific and technological education, invested a lot of resources, and creates professional teams such as Aidu Technology and Qiming Donor.At the same time, it also supports more schools with scientific and technological education.

The “Teaching Management Evaluation” AI Smart Study Room using AI + big data covers one -stop scientific education solutions in scientific curriculum content construction and scientific teacher training, which has served more than 100 schools across the country.In 2023, Tianli Education also won a number of honors such as “Excellent Cases of Annual Education Innovation” and “Top Ten Influential Brands in the Education Industry in 2023”.

Cultivate multi -level talents that have developed all -round development. Tianli Education has also created a comprehensive competition “Tianli Cup” including science and technology, Chinese, sports, and discipline competitions to enhance students’ comprehensive ability to educate people.In the past three years, the schools under Tianli have won more than 70 national first prizes, more than 100 national second prizes, more than 200 national third prizes, and more than 2,000 provincial, municipal and various awards.

Tianli flagship: young and elementary school high -penetration training to build a model school

Settlement of school experience for more than 20 years, integrating advanced school -running concepts at home and abroad, integrating global first -class education and teaching resources, Tianli Education has created the Group’s strategic flagship school in Chengdu, and opened primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, international ministries, and Kaixing.Kindergarten realizes high -penetration training in young and early elementary schools.

With high starting points, high standards, high -quality, and high -quality school -running, Tianli flagship school gathered the group’s top -level advantage, national top education teachers, and coaches of gold medal competition.”Flagship” -The future school model.

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