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The Ministry of Education announced the first typical application scenario case of "Artificial Intelligence+Higher Education", and was selected based on the two cases of Xunfei Star Fire Model

The Ministry of Education announced the first typical application scenario case of "Artificial Intelligence+Higher Education", and was selected based on the two cases of Xunfei Star Fire Model

China Education News-China Education News Network (Reporter Liang Dan)Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice that the first 18 “artificial intelligence+higher education” typical application scenarios were announced.Among them, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications’s “Code ‘-Smark Smart Teaching Application Platform empowering the big model” is based on the Xunfanghuo model, empowering programming education;”Capital English Teaching Innovation Practice” helps English teaching with the artificial intelligence technology of HKUST Xunfei.

Programming education is becoming the basis of software talent training. However, insufficient teachers and uneven teachers are the pain points of teaching.The research and development of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications shows that college students will encounter a lot of errors and difficulties during programming and practice. They need one -on -one personalized counseling, but limited teachers’ resources cannot meet this needs.

In order to solve this problem, Beiyou developed a programming teaching platform- “Code” based on Xunfei Fire Model, and launched an experiment to enable programming teaching based on this platform in December last year.As of April 15, 2024, Beiyou opened 107 courses based on the “code” and 118 classes were established.The data shows that the programming problem of more than 80%of the number of students in the student group can provide high -quality and accurate counseling, which can alleviate the tutoring pressure of teachers.The relevant person in charge of Beiyi stated that the accuracy rate of the question of programming novice programming on the end of this year will be expected to reach 80%-90%.

It is understood that this year, the national version of “Xunfei Star Fire Code” of “Code” is also planned to be promoted nationwide, which will support more than 500 colleges and universities to conduct teaching experiments.

In China, “big model+education” is also changing the learning form.Since December 2022, the National Open University and HKUST Xunfei Highly Education Product Line cooperate with the “Degree English” course as a pilot to jointly create new digital courses based on knowledge maps, and support the construction of AI virtual human courseware, intelligent Q & A, etc.Digital curriculum resources.

At present, more and more universities are attracted by the “big model+education” magnetic field, bringing new vitality to the reform of higher education.

It is understood that since April, colleges and universities such as Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology have successively opened strategic cooperation with HKUST Xunfei.Among them, Wuhan University of Science and Technology launched a large model of university -enterprise -enterprise -enterprise -enterprise -enterprise -enterprise -enterprise and an artificial intelligence empowerment, learning, research, management, and service, and officially launched the AI Mind knowledge map, AI academic companion, AI scientific research through 3D digital people.Be benchmark application scenarios such as assistants, AI Heart Education, AI President Assistant.

Recently, Wu Zhenfang, who has been rooted in the first line of pig genetic breeding scientific research and teaching, has won the “National May 1st Labor Medal”.Wu Zhenfang is a professor at the School of Animal Sciences of South China University of Agricultural University and the director of the National Pig Seed Engineering Technology Research Center.He led the establishment of the National Pig Industry Technology Research Center, as well as the livestock and poultry quality resource database of Guangdong Province and South China.

Today, Wu Zhenfang is famous in the industry.However, when he filled out the volunteer of the college entrance examination, he did not know the major of animal husbandry. “When it comes to animal husbandry, my mind is inexplicably appearing on the scene of riding on the prairie.

During the school, the teachers’ words and tutors were broadcast, and the seeds of aspiring animal husbandry were broadcast in his heart.After wearing the industry, Wu Zhenfang began to realize that raising pigs is a major event related to the national economy. Cultivating breeding pigs is a career worthy of it.

Relevant data shows that the Chinese have to eat 700 million pigs a year, and the autonomous control of pig sources is very important.Under the market background of lean pork -type pig consumption, despite the rise of large -scale lean meat pig farming industry, for a long time, my country can only rely on the introduction of foreign pig breeds to meet huge consumer demand.

“The price of pigs in foreign breeds is high, and each pig needs to spend about 25,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan. The key is that it is not the best to buy.” Wu Zhenfang said that the pig industry in many regions in my country was “cited -degradation -re -breeding” In the bad cycle, after the breeding of pigs abroad, if there is no continuous selection, the variety will degenerate, so it has to continue to be imported.Many scientific researchers, including Wu Zhenfang, were devoted to pig breeding.

In 1998, after Dr. Wu Zhenfang graduated, he came to South China Agricultural University to teach.Soon he was stationed at the Wen’s Food Group in Guangdong for school -enterprise cooperation.In more than 20 years in the cooperation between South China Agricultural University and Wen’s, Wu Zhenfang presided over the cultivation of “Hua Nong Wen’s Pig I” and “Wen’s WS501 Pig”, two national livestock and poultry varieties (supporting systems).Large -scale industrialization application.

“Now farming no longer needs to rely on imports. Our pig breeding work is no worse than the advanced level of foreign countries.” Wu Zhenfang said that after years of technological tackling, my country’s pig breeding has been running with international technology in technology.At present, my country’s core species source has exceeded 95%.

Can there be a pig from a young age, can be judged to have excellent genes?This will save funds and time.Along this idea, Wu Zhenfang and the team entered the research and exploration of molecular biology breeding.

They cooperated with Hu Xiaoxiang, a professor of China Agricultural University, to establish the first generation of genome selection technology based on simplified genome sequencing, and promote the application.

Wu Zhenfang said, “You only need to take a drop of blood on the newly born piglet ear. Through genetic testing, you can basically judge that the piglet grows fast in the future.

According to reports, before the research and development of this patented technology, the detection cost of a pig was as high as 1,000 yuan.In 2015, Wu Zhenfang’s full genome selection technology reduced the cost to 350 yuan/head.In 2018, the genetically breeding chip created by the Wu Zhenfang team further reduced the cost to less than 100 yuan/head.

Along this road, Wu Zhenfang led the team to overcome one problem after another and achieved the fruitful results.They proposed new theories such as “parts of products” and “one priority and two synchronization”, innovating new technologies such as four -yuan and five -yuan hybrid breeding, forming a systematic lean meat pig breeding solution with local characteristics.Among them, the technical system independently created by the team has reached the international leading level.

In order to comply with the local diet, Wu Zhenfang’s team also selected more breeding pigs with lean meat.Wu Zhenfang explained specifically: “Foreign ‘Du grows up’ is mostly used for processing meat, which is not completely suitable for the needs of fresh meat of Chinese people. Sichuan people like to eat pot meat, pork must bring a little fat;Need to continuously improve the breed of pigs. “

With the joint participation of more than a hundred researchers, Wu Zhenfang’s team adhered to localized selection and breeding based on the individual breeding pigs of the world, and cultivated new high -efficiency lean pork varieties (supporting systems) approved by two countries.This variety of lean meat is 65%-66%.The new species of pigs are applied in more than 550 pig farms in 23 provinces across the country, with a total of more than 150 million pork pigs, an output value of more than 32 billion yuan, and driving farmers to increase their income by more than 330 million yuan.(China Education News-China Education News NetworkCorrespondent Jiang Yingyan Chen Yichen reporter Liu Dun)

China Education News-China Education News Network (Reporter Zhang Xin)In order to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the May 4th Fourth Fourth, mobilize the country’s open university running system, and the majority of young people in the construction of a strong education and united struggle around the construction of a strong education country. Recently, the National Open University has carried out the theme of “telling the story to achieve a young man” and launched a youth of the school -running system.Learning activities.Liu Xuanxuan, deputy secretary of the party committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, participated in the event and delivered a speech.

Liu Xuanxuan said that in the past 45 years of the National Open Universities, it has made unique and important contributions to my country’s higher education from elite to popularization to popularization, and has made unique and irreplaceable contributions to the construction of Chinese learning society.She hopes that the majority of young teachers and students should shoulder historical mission, firm confidence in advancing, and contribute youthful wisdom and strength to accelerating the construction of a strong education country and a world -class open university with Chinese characteristics.

This event was broadcast through the People’s Daily Online+client, central video, National Open University Cloud Classroom, China Kai Online Live Classroom, and National Kai Lifetime Education Platform. The live broadcast volume reached 500,000.The event is jointly organized by the National Open University Party and Government Office, the Propaganda Department (United Front Work Department), the Student Work and Teacher Development Department, the Department of Education, the Department of Learning Resources, the Trade Union, the Youth Committee, and the Youth League Committee.Teachers and students of the National Open University running system participated in a combination of online and offline.

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