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The Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch launched a series of "Inclusive Finance Promotion Month" series of activities

The Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch launched a series of "Inclusive Finance Promotion Month" series of activities

In the spring equinox season, the temperature gradually warmed up. On the vast field of Inner Mongolia, it was the critical period of spring plowing in spring, and there was a busy scene everywhere.Spring farming and farmers in the fields are “busy”, the project in the park is “tight”, and the rational market is “diligent” in stock markets.The figure of Hui Financial business personnel.The Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch actively visited farmland, demonstration parks and markets, and business districts to actively understand the development of farmers and corporate operations and financial needs.Products, sending services.

Since the beginning of this year, the Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch has adhered to the five major articles that support the high -quality development of the economy with high -quality financial development and the completion of the five major articles deployed by the Central Financial Work Conference.The relevant requirements of promoting the month of “promoting the month” are based on the theme of “Pu Gathering Financial Services, benefiting thousands of enterprises and thousands of households”.The Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” Activity Plan “, etc., actively do a good job of organizing and policy transmission in the jurisdiction, rapidly promoting landing, and accurately supporting market entities and the people’s financial needs.

Support spring farming to prepare for farming and should be the “main force” that protects food safety.Spring plowing is a key link to ensure the stability of food and important agricultural products throughout the year, and it is also an important area for financial institutions to promote the implementation of rural revitalization.The Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch conscientiously do a good job of promoting the organization of institutions within its jurisdiction, fully mobilize the power of grass -roots outlets, set up the “Youth Commando” and “Financial Wulan Muclear Team” to enter rural pastoral areas to comprehensively carry out spring cultivation and cultivation business.Through fintech empowerment, create a “high -standard farmland construction supervision platform”, and provide the channels for full -process online supervision and credit support channels for high -standard farmland participating enterprises and governments in the autonomous region, and realize the projects of participating projects, publicity signing, construction progress, construction progress, and construction progress.And the combination and application of a series of management functions such as fund allocation progress and financial services.At present, more than 800 companies have settled in the platform, 600+high -standard farmland projects, 2500+ bidding sections realize online management of the platform. 94 companies have achieved effective financing through the platform. The amount of financing has reached 800 million yuan.Standard farmland construction.In addition, the Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch revolves around 720 “famous agricultural products”, 59 “regional public brands”, and 231 “agricultural brands” in the autonomous region.Industry, help extend the characteristic agricultural product industry chain and value chain.

In the Heba area, Bayannuer China Bank and local supply and marketing cooperatives and China Peasants jointly organized the promotion meeting of the spring farming and cultivation of beneficiaries in spring farming services.For farmers’ propaganda explanation of consumer rights protection knowledge, 50 customers were signed on the spot, with an amount of 15 million yuan.

In the Hohhot area, the Central Bank Yuquan Sub -branch has grasped the golden period of plowing in spring, and established a rural rejuvenation and external extension group. 4 personnel were led by 4 staff members of the inclusive Finance Division of the Sub -branch.Members, actively connect more than 20 villages around Hohhot, promote the expansion of the farmers’ planting loan business of Bank of China, dock more than 500 customers, successfully initiate more than 140 loan businesses, have 40 households, issued 20 households, reviewed 55 households in 55 households,EssenceBased on a core agricultural enterprise, the China Bank of New City Sub -branch carried out the upstream and downstream customer marketing of the industrial chain, set up an assault team to connect with the regional centers, and signed on the spot on the spot. Since the beginning of this yearLoan is 260 million yuan.

In Hulunbuir, Hulunbuir China Bank established the “Inclusive Financial Pioneer”, held more than 10 financial services into rural activities, participated in more than 300 customers, and nearly 200 customers had reached intention.

In the Xing’an League, through the “Financial+Insurance” service model, the Urahot Bank of China has provided inclusive loan services for planting and breeding farmers through the “finance+insurance” service model, based on insurance documents or other income certificates.”This year’s spring plowing funds are solved so quickly, and there is no need to mortgage. The service of Bank of China has really achieved our hearts.”The large corn planting households in Genlin Village expanded the planting area last year, and contracted 2,300 acres of land, paid the contracted funds, and had difficulties in spring plowing. When he was unable to do it, he saw the publicity of the Bank of China inclusive financial products.In the mentality of trying, Ms. Chen filled the relevant information by scanning the QR code. On the same day, I got the customer manager of the Bank of China verified the confirmation phone and carried out business docking. In a few days, he received a credit loan of 300,000 yuan.The worries of the shortage of funds.

Serve new quality productive forces and create a “new engine” with high -quality development.Last year, the Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch and the Industrial and Information Department of the Autonomous Region jointly issued the “Special Financial Service Activity Plan” Specialized New • Industrial Park “to formulate a special financial service action plan for Bank of China, held three docking in Ordos, Hohhot and TongliaoAt the meeting, through policy interpretation, plan preaching, and on -site discussions, we will make practical and solve problems for corporate financing, and achieve accurate drip irrigation of financial resources.Recently, the Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch issued the “Notice on Further Enhance the Service Quality Effective Efficiency of Special Specialty of Specialized Specialized” high -tech technology -based SMEs “. Technology companies realized single management, and the credit coverage rate in existing enterprises was 30% of 30%.Based on the measures such as classification and division, distribution of special personnel, etc., to ensure the high -tech, “specialized new”, and the on -site service rate of technology -based small and medium -sized enterprises on the list, a comprehensive increase in credit coverage rate.In Baotou, Baotou Bank actively actively connected with Baotou Industry and Information Bureau, the Science and Technology Bureau, and the Park Management Committee to organize and organize a bank -government enterprise docking activities.It must be the leader, implement the leader responsibility system, coordinate the progress of various projects, and use scientific and technological methods such as field research, “enterprise investigation”, “bidding”, “Qixin Huiyan” to collect customer information2. Correct a batch of batch, obtain a batch of approval, and implement a batch of “four batches” strategies to high -efficiency service technology innovation enterprises.In Tongliao, Tongliao Central Bank invites the person in charge of science and technology enterprises to carry out policy preaching, focusing on the relevant policies of “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month”, and provides product services with diversified, appropriate prices, and easy terms of terms to meet all kinds of markets.The main body to develop new quality of financial services for financial services.In Chifeng, Chifeng Bank and the local Federation of Industry and Commerce jointly organized a “three delivery, three questions, three -in -three” policy preaching sessions to explain to the participating enterprises to explain our inclusive financial loan policy.Sort out intended corporate customers and listed business marketing.In Wuhai, Wuhai Bank conducted “online+offline” comprehensive publicity and promotion activities with the theme of “Pu Gao Finance and Family Run Wanjia”.Publicity and explanation of inclusive financial policy products covers thousands of enterprises, of which 343 are reached, the amount of intention loan is 150 million yuan, and loans are put on 110 million yuan.

Practice the national strategy and do a good job of serving the revitalization of the countryside.The Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch carefully studied and used the experience of “millions of projects” to find special tracks to serve rural rejuvenation, continuously increase financial support in key areas of agricultural related agricultural -related fields, and promote farmers to increase their income and become rich.All 44 county institutions are built as rural revitalization special institutions, further improve the financial service network, increase the construction of farm -involved scenes, select 54 scenarios in 51 counties and regions, and create “one county, one product”.The proportion of agricultural cooperatives, large planting households, and farmers’ loans has increased significantly. In the 15 countries and autonomous regions, we will continue to increase loans in the county and autonomous regions.Actively explore the hiring rural financial consultants as an effective means to make up for few county institutions and insufficient marketers. At present, 100 rural financial consultants have been piloted in 10 counties and regions including Chifeng and Tongliao, and 150 rural financial consultants are selected to comprehensively connect farmers’ financial services.EssenceIncrease the cooperation with the cooperation with the guarantee company, insurance company, association, township government, village committee, leading enterprise, and agricultural capital dealers to innovate online “planting loans”, “Hui Niu Loan”, “Xingnong Loan” and “Qingli Loan”Wait for products to benefit tens of thousands of farmers and animal husbandry households.Since the “New Agricultural Management Main Credit Credit Campus” has been carried out, the Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch United Autonomous Region Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department and Inner Mongolia Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. continued to carry out special promotion actions for credit direct traffic in the regionThe activity covers all 103 flag counties, and timely transmits financial policy policies to rural pastoral households in a timely manner.Up to now, the Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch has provided credit guarantee services for 625 agricultural operating entities, with a cumulative investment amount of 736 million yuan.

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