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The 6th 321 Easy Capital Health Ceremony: Gather the public welfare forces and build a healthy China together

The 6th 321 Easy Capital Health Ceremony: Gather the public welfare forces and build a healthy China together

In the spring of spring, the sun is gentle, and everything recovers.In this vibrant season, one gameThe grand welfare activity of “Yiqi Health” is grandly held in Beijing.On March 21, the 6th 321 Easy Call for Public Welfare Health Ceremony arrived on schedule, bringing together government departments, public welfare organizations, medical institutions, caring enterprises, and media representatives to jointly contribute to the construction of healthy China.Essence

The ceremony was co -sponsored by the Easy Group and the Charity Times. It aims to promote the attention and investment of health in all sectors of society through the form of public welfare activities and help the development of the health of the whole people.The leaders of government departments of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Health and Health Commission, and the State and Rural Revitalization Bureau came to the scene to witness this grand occasion.At the same time, public welfare organizations such as the China Charity Federation, the China Internet Development Foundation, the China Rural Development Foundation, the China Social Welfare Foundation, and the China Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation have also actively participated to jointly contribute to public welfare undertakings.

At the ceremony, the caring doctors, artists, enterprises and media representatives from all over the country gathered together to speak for public welfare.Surrounded by guests and experts and scholars“Innovative public welfare efficiency, promoting the health of the whole people” and other issues have launched in -depth discussions and exchanges, and contribute wisdom for the development of health public welfare.

The mission of bravery, the development of public welfare service health undertakings

Public welfare charity is undoubtedly a bright light for the progress of social civilization.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, this charity force has shown a strong booster role in key areas such as poverty alleviation, comprehensive well -off and social welfare.andThe “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” outline clearly puts forward the “third distribution role such as charity”, which pointed out the direction for its development.

At this ceremony, the Easy Group and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Health and Health Commission, and the State Rural Revitalization Bureau and other departments jointly released a number of public welfare actions.Among them, southern Sichuan County“Minsheng Xiangyang”, “warm guardianship” in Qinghai miscellaneous counties, and “Weiyou in the countryside” in Leishan County, Guizhou, are designed to strengthen the health guarantee of rural residents, improve the quality of medical services, and then promote rural medical care.Comprehensive revitalization.

At the same time, the construction of healthy families has also become the focus of social attention.Earlier this year, the Eight departments of the National Health and Health Commission jointly issued a notice to comprehensively deploy healthy family construction work, laying a solid foundation for health China.Easy Group as a resultThe health security platform for 30 million families has also launched a health management plan covering the whole life cycle at the ceremony.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the Beijing Weiyai Public Welfare Foundation joined forces with the easy group to participate in the joint participation“Weight management of obesity prevention and control” public welfare operation aims to help people build a healthy lifestyle.In addition, the Easy Group also cooperated with the National Children’s Medical Center to launch a children’s accidental injury prevention project to build a solid line of defense for the healthy growth of young people.

In terms of elderly care and women’s health, the group also spared no effort.Launched with institutions and other institutions in combinationThe “Silver Age Care*Healthy Guard” action has sent warmth and care to the elderly; the “321 Pink Sanye Grass” public welfare project encourages women to pay attention to their own health and show the power of self -care.

Multiple creation of high -quality popular science to help improve the health literacy of the whole people

In recent years, the people’s needs and expectations for healthy knowledge have become higher and higher.”” “” “The “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” clearly proposes to improve the national health science popularization expert database and resource library, build a full -media health science popular science knowledge release and dissemination mechanism, and encourage medical institutions and medical personnel to carry out health promotion and health education.

In this context, the easily group joined hands with the China Anti -Cancer Association to launchThe “Core Knowledge System Construction of Tumor Prevention and Treatment” Public Welfare Project is committed to popularizing the correct knowledge of tumor prevention, promoting tumor screening, and contributing to the realization of national cancer prevention targets.

At the same time, in response to the call of the National Health and Health Commission and other departments, the group actively actively actively moved with head media“Public Welfare Science Popularization Action” and popular popularization of the people.Through the form of lectures, training, and free clinics, experts are invited to provide the public with high -quality health knowledge to help the construction of healthy China.

In addition, the easy group also cooperated with the well -known musician Hou Dejian to startThe “Dragon’s Heir” Chinese Public Welfare Tour Concert will pass the concept of public welfare and health to more people, so that the concept of health and comprehensive revitalization is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.These measures not only enriched the form of health science, but also provided the public with more ways to obtain health knowledge and jointly promote the development of health.

Science and technology empowerment, boost“Healthy Charity” to “Healthy Join”

Today, the people’s awareness of health has continued to improve, the demand for health has continued to improve, and the call for scientific and technological innovation is becoming stronger.existUnder the guidance of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” and the outline of the 2035 remote scenic target, we realized that scientific and technological innovation is the key driving force for the construction of healthy China.As a leader in the field of health and technology, it actively embraces the concept of “technology to good” and shows the power of science and technology in healthy public welfare.

Last year, with the massive medical and health data, Easy Group successfully developed and developedThe “easily asking Dr.GPT” big model, providing users with more accurate and comprehensive health management services, injecting new impetus into the innovation of the medical industry.

At this ceremony, easy group· Easy and healthy head pharmaceutical companies such as Jin Sai Pharmaceutical, Qilu Pharmaceutical, Shenwei Pharmaceutical, Tianan Bio, Nuo and Nord, etc. have launched a number of scientific and technological empowerment health projects, such as “easy growth” children’s health growth plan, “Gong Bone’s Life “” National Science Popularization Action and so on.These projects not only promote the in -depth integration of information technology and health and health work, but also increase the value of scientific and technological innovation in medical and health services, and contribute to the implementation of healthy Chinese actions.

This timeThe successful holding of the easy -to -raise public welfare health ceremony not only shows the attention and support of all sectors of society for health public welfare, but also shows the positive contribution of the easily group in promoting the construction of healthy China.In the future, the Easy Group will continue to work with all parties to contribute to the development of the health cause, and work unremitting efforts to achieve the grand goal of healthy China.


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