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Tarkowski and McNeil Praise Everton Fans Ahead of Merseyside Derby

Tarkowski and McNeil Praise Everton Fans Ahead of Merseyside Derby

Everton will face Liverpool in the Merseyside derby this weekend. In pre-match interviews, James Tarkowski and Dwight McNeil spoke about the significant influence of Everton fans in the club’s recent history, their unique qualities and shared insights into working under Sean Dyche.

Everton stars James Tarkowski and Dwight McNeil have praised Everton fans for playing a major role in last season’s relegation, saying the club is “their life” and what sets them apart.

During Joe Cole’s appearance on the sports program Around the Block, Joe Cole gave them a tour of the construction of Everton’s new stadium.

During the drive, Cole talked to the pair about the upcoming Merseyside derby against Liverpool.

Cole asked what makes this derby so special, recollecting on his own time in the game as a Liverpool player, and McNeil replied: “They’re [the fans] passionate about the club and both clubs are close so you can see that rivalry. Every time it’s the derby it’s a massive game that you want to win.”

Tarkowski added: “I feel like it’s their life. Some clubs it’s maybe a little bit different and no disrespect to them but I feel like maybe there’s a defeat there and you can go about your week and wait for the next game.

“But here you’re really representing the people and it really is their lives and it makes or breaks their weekend.”

The central defender was then asked by Cole what was key in the club dragging themselves out of the relegation dogfight and surviving.

Tarkowski said: “I think it sounds a bit cheesy but the fans were incredible. The position we were in and the way they turned up, they were sort of representing us like we were fighting for a top-four spot.

“You see the way other teams in the league were playing and they were flying and our fans were incredible and I thought that really brought us together as a group as well because it was tough times last season, very tough times. Toughest times I’ve had in my career for sure.

“The fans really galvanised us and we managed to pick up some massive points towards the end of the season which managed to save us.”

Tarkowski and McNeil Praise Everton Fans Ahead of Merseyside Derby

Cole also asked the pair about working – once again – under manager Sean Dyche, who managed them both at Burnley before they reunited at Goodison Park.

McNeil said: “He’s quite strong in what he believes in, but he knows how to get the best out of us.”

And Tarkowski added: “I think the word strict is quite harsh, he’s just bit more old school than other current managers, just got his ways and means.

“He’s changed a little bit from that time [at Burnley]. One notable thing for me is that we never used to wear white socks at training and now we’re allowed to wear white socks so maybe he’s softened a touch!

“He has his particular methods and expectations for a team, which align well with what the fans anticipate – hard work, commitment, unity, and team spirit. These are the very qualities he seeks in a team, and they happen to be in line with the fans’ expectations as well.”

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