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Shanghai outstanding athletes will fight for the Paris Olympic Games, and the official calls on rational chasing stars: in addition to the face value, you should chase the spirit of sports

Shanghai outstanding athletes will fight for the Paris Olympic Games, and the official calls on rational chasing stars: in addition to the face value, you should chase the spirit of sports

In July of this year, the 2024 Paris Olympics will be unveiled. How many qualifications do Shanghai athletes have obtained?April 25, ShanghaiXu Bin, director of the Municipal Sports BureauDuring the guest “2024 Shanghai Minsheng Interview”, there are currently 205 Shanghai athletes in various national teams, and 41 athletes have helped their national teams qualify for the Olympic Games. Twelve athletes have locked their individual qualifications.In addition, table tennis players from Shanghai, Fan Zhendong, diving athlete Chen Taro, and swimmer Qin Haiyang are also preparing for the final sprint for the Paris Olympic Games.

Xu Bin also put forward views on the chaos of the rice circle to erode sports culture: In the past two years, the phenomenon of rice circles has a tendency to spread to the sports field. “I want to use the livelihood interview platform to call on everyone to chase the stars rationally.If you respect the athletes, we also welcome everyone’s positive opinions, suggestions and criticisms, but we are resolutely opposed and resisted for the out of place, fabricating and malicious injuries. “

Shanghai Jock Bing Li Bing 黎 Mali Paris Olympics

Chinese sports athletes have worked hard and achieved good achievements in previous major international competitions such as Olympic Games and Asian Games.In 2024, the Chinese delegationThe preparation of the Paris Olympic Games has entered a state of war.The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Chinese athletes from Shanghai performed well; which Shencheng Jian will be worth looking forward to?

On April 14, Zhang Zhizhen, a Shanghai player in China in China.On the same day, in the ATP Barcelona Tennis Open Doubles Qualifications, Zhang Zhizhen (China)/Mahach (Czech) defeated Edalgo (Ecuador)/Rodriguez (Colombia) 2-0 to advance to the main competition.Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Hu An Gosa)

Striving for more Shanghai athletes to fight for the honor of the motherland at the Paris Olympics, this is the wish of all Shanghai sports people.Xu Bin revealed that 12 athletes have locked their personal qualifications, including boxing women’s 50 kg Wu Yu, art gymnastics collective all -around Guo Qiqi, women’s shotper Song Jiayuan, rowing women’s four -person paddle (last summer Olympic champion) ZhangLing and Chen Yunxia, rowing women’s four -person single paddle women Zhang Shuxian, sailing ILCA 6 Gu Min, shooting women’s 10 -meter gas pistol Jiang Ranxin, shooting men’s 25 -meter pistol fast shooting Wang Xinjie, tennis men’s singles athlete Zhang ZhizhenHeaven, Sword Men’s Sword Personal Prince Jie Jie and so on.

Shanghai shooting player Jiang Ranxin.Haishar Photo

In addition to these 12 athletes who have won the Paris Olympics qualifications, other Olympic qualifications will be finalized at the end of June this year.Many Shanghai players are actively preparing for the key athletes of their respective national teams, such as table tennis players Fan Zhendong, diving athlete Chen Taro, and swimmer Qin Haiyang.The results are currently preparing for the final sprint for the Paris Olympics and the Paris Olympic Games.

Call on everyone to follow the spirit of sports

He Chong once issued a document to criticize some of the “meals” triggered by some netizens.

Outstanding athletes deserve to respect and follow the majority of netizens.The dream of all athletes is to reach the sacred Olympic Hall, showing superb skills in the attention of the attention, seizing the gold medal of glorious people, and standing at the highest peak in sports.For this dream, Chinese athletes have paid countless efforts and sweats, gave up the joy of reunion with their families, and continuously surpassing their own challenges.They are examples, heroes, stars, and they are worth having many fans.

There is only one champion, and the majority of audiences and sports enthusiasts should pay more attention to the sports spirit behind the gold medal.However, there are always a few people who can stand on the highest podium -I often tell athletes that whether or not to reach the peak, as long as they persist in beliefs, they will be successful. As long as they never give up, it is success.Successful, harvesting flowers and applause; failure, still a warrior who wipes to dry tears, steps on the journey, and has no regrets.Fans chase sports stars, they should not be chasing only grades and face value, but also the sports spirit of stubbornness and glory for the country, the quality of the will beyond themselves, never giving upthe value of life.

The sports spirit and Olympic concept pursued by the star players are even more worthy of follow -up.Xinhua News Agency

In the past two years, the chaos has spread to the sports field.Some time ago, there were extreme fans imagined the idols on the field as their own love objects, using several accounts and changing identities to make up the plot of love with well -known athletes, which caused attention to forming online public opinion; there were also people who maliciously exposed online well -known on the Internet.The athlete ID number and mobile phone number caused his family to be harassed.

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