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News hotline: 13979082776 (0790) 2195110 2193110 Toutiao Client News Liu HuitaoReport: In order to solidly promote the psychological health education of Xinyu No.1 Middle School, on March 22, Xinyu No.1 Middle School held a 2024 psychological health education work arrangement meeting.

meeting venue(Liu Huitao’s picture.

  At the meeting, Vice President Huang Xiangyun first sorted out the psychological status of school students in the recent social incident and proposed that the general requirements of students’ mental health education cannot be ignored.

  Yan Juan, the leader of the psychological teaching and research team, conveyed the spirit of the Municipal Education Bureau on the Psychological Health Education Conference, and clarified the work that the school’s psychological work needs to do in terms of starting settings and student mental health.

  Yan Chunmei, director of the Political and Education Division, set a detailed arrangement of the school’s mental health education.She emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen home -school cooperation, form a joint force, and jointly promote mental health education.Mental health teachers must continuously improve their professionalism and help students with a more scientific and professional attitude and method.

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