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New Knowledge of Science | Animals have evolved out of light more than 500 million years ago

New Knowledge of Science | Animals have evolved out of light more than 500 million years ago

The biology displayed by the coral is shown.

Picture source: “British Royal Society B”

According to a new study by scientists at the Smithson National Natural History Museum in the United States, at least 540 million years ago, biological glow was evolved in a marine vertebrate.On the 23rd, the results of the research in the “Royal Society B” were published on the 23rd. The first time the characteristics of animals glowed were nearly 300 million years ago.

The glowing of creatures, that is, the ability of the organism to generate light through chemical reactions.It has evolved independently 94 times in nature and involves multiple behaviors, including camouflage, puppets, communication and hunting.The earliest origin of animals was considered to be among the medium -sized small marine crustaceans about 267 million years ago.

The eight -fold coral is an ancient and often glowing animal group, including soft coral, sea fan and sea pen.Like hard corals, the eight -fold coral is a tiny group of water, and they secrete a material structure as a “refuge”.But unlike their stone relatives, this structure is usually soft.Eight -fold corals are usually glowing only when they are collided or other interference.

Researchers completed an extremely detailed and genetic evidence based on genetic evidence in 2022, drawing their evolutionary relationship or system development map.

This time, the researchers put the two known age of octopus coral fossils in the evolutionary tree based on physical characteristics, and used the fossil age and their respective positions in the eight corals to evolve.It forms two or more branches, and then draws a systematic branches characterized by living creatures.

Researchers used a variety of different statistical methods to rebuild the state of the eight -fledon coral ancestors, and finally the same results were drawn: about 540 million years ago, the common ancestors of all eight -fled corals may have biological lighting ability.Earlier, it was believed that the glowing medium crustaceans were the earliest evolution of creatures in animals, and the eight corals were 273 million years earlier than it.

Original title: “New Knowledge of Science | Animals have evolved and existing light more than 500 million years ago”

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