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Ministry of Education: Carry out 2024 college graduates in the spring season to promote employment tackling operations

Ministry of Education: Carry out 2024 college graduates in the spring season to promote employment tackling operations

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 20 (Reporter Hao Mengjia) According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education recently issued a notice that from March to April, the theme of “supply and demand adaptation of strong service spring attacks and employment” will be carried out.Employment of employment in the spring season.

The notice requires that by carrying out the “Employment of Employment in Spring”, focusing on the current key difficulties of employment work, refining various work requirements, optimizing employment guidance services, further aggregating social resources, providing employment positions, promoting school -enterprise supply and demand docking, guiding guidanceCollege graduates actively apply for jobs to lay a solid foundation for promoting the high -quality and full employment of college graduates in 2024.

Hold the “Thousands of Enterprises Entering Campus” recruitment activity

In the “Thousands of Enterprises Entering Campus” recruitment activities, localities must guide and support universities in their own administrative regions to jointly organize special recruitment activities to jointly build a regional employment market, share job resources, realize complementary advantages, and provide one -stop recruitment for employers for employers.service.

All universities should actively invite employers who have absorbed graduates in the previous year to recruit, actively develop new employers, increase the promotion of private enterprises and SMEs, and actively provide convenience for employers to recruit schools.Universities should make good use of alumni resources and actively mobilize alumni enterprises to recruit.The second -level colleges of colleges and universities must actively carry out small, fine, specialized small and medium -sized special recruitment activities in combination with the characteristics of disciplines and graduates’ job employment and employment willingness.During the spring of spring, universities in various places should provide no less than 5 job information for each graduate with a willingness to job search.

The Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Committee and Industry Association of ordinary universities across the country must improve the “division industry to refer to the committee+sub -industry association” to promote employment work mechanism, organize the “college graduates industry field special recruitment fair”, increase the efforts to build the employment market for the industryProvide job information for related majors.

Carry out a special action of “visiting enterprises and expand work”

In the special operation of the “Visiting Enterprise Expansion”, colleges and universities must combine “visiting enterprises and extending posts” with the Ministry of Education’s supply and demand for employment and education projects to encourage both schools and enterprisesIn -depth cooperation in key areas and other aspects, we will move forward to the training of talents in colleges and universities.The second -level academy should conduct visits based on the discipline and majors, especially the specialty of newly set up majors and the implementation rate of graduation in the previous year is lower than the average level of the school. It is necessary to combine the employment needs of graduates to effectively visit enterprises and expand.

During the promotion of employment in spring, members of the leadership team of the department and the heads of disciplines must take the initiative to enter the enterprise, enter the recruitment event site, communicate with the employers face -to -face, and timely feedback the employment standards and recruitment needs to the talent training link.Encourage employers to participate in the training of college talents in depth.

All localities should strengthen work overall plans, actively organize centralized visits in accordance with the professional layout of local college disciplines and enterprise employment needs, strengthen work supervision and guidance, prevent formalism, and ensure that the operation is effective.

Improve the “24365 to join hands to promote employment” service

In terms of “24365 to promote employment”, colleges and universities in various places must actively guide employers who enter the school to recruit in the “National College Student Employment Service Platform” (hereinafter referred to as platforms) to release recruitment needs and carry out online and offline recruitment activities simultaneously.It is necessary to continue to improve the online recruitment service system, actively share the provincial and university employment network post information with the platform, and provide graduates with precise and personalized job information.

The platform will host the fifth season of “National Employment Action”, “Hundred Cities and Thousands of Schools and Thousands of Enterprises” private enterprises to promote employment operations, “Specialized new SMEs for 2024 college graduates online recruitment activities” “‘Belt and Road Intersection’In the 2024 college graduates special recruitment, “series of activities” and other series of activities, the industry and regions centralize post information.The platform will also promptly gather recruitment activities and specific information of universities in various places to accurately push to employers and graduates to promote efficient adaptation of supply and demand.

Carry out the theme education activity of “Employment and Education”

In the “Employment and Education” theme education activities, universities in various places should guide college graduates to establish correct employment values, objectively treat personal conditions and social needs, choose occupations and jobs from actual actual departure, clarify their careers as soon as possible, participate in job jobs as soon as possible as soon as possibleAction.It is necessary to conscientiously carry out advanced typical trees and series of preaching activities, and guide graduates to build merits at the grassroots level.

Universities in various places should take the National College Student Professional Planning Competition as an important starting point for guiding graduates to change their employment concepts, improving the level of education and employment guidance of college student career, and promoting high -quality and full employment of college graduates, and run the provincial competition.

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