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Learning scene: Education space and medium may & mdash; & mdash; Xiamen Second Experimental Primary School 4th "1+N" and the US Education Forum

Learning scene: Education space and medium may & mdash; & mdash; Xiamen Second Experimental Primary School 4th "1+N" and the US Education Forum

Future learning

What kind of learning scene is needed?

What kind of learning scene

In order to adapt the curriculum logic and students’ learning logic?

Is there a more diverse learning scenario?

Meet the personalized learning needs of different students?


On March 23, 2024, Xiamen Second Experimental Primary School’s 4th “1+N” and the Mei Education Forum were held in Zhancheng Campus to explore “the possibility of education space: the possibility of education space and the media”.

The leaders and guests attending the forum are: Chen Zhen, Secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, director of the Municipal Education Bureau, Lin Jiatian, the original Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Education Work Committee, and the chairman of the Xiamen Education Society, the former deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, and the original Xiamen Daily News Agency.Temple Jiang Shuyi, Zeng Fanzhen, deputy head of the Siming District Government, Xu Xiaomin, Director of the Scientific Research Division of the Fujian Institute of Education, Ye Bengang, director of the Education Bureau of the Municipal Education Bureau, Zhuang Xiaorong, Dean of the Municipal Academy of Education and ScienceDunhuang, Lu Lianchuan, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lianqian Street, Wang Zhiqiang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Kaylian Street, Yu Hong, director of Xiagang Street Office, Xu Huajuan, director of the Education Bureau of Siming District, Xiao Shufen, deputy director.Experts from relevant officials from Fujian Education Institute, Municipal Education Society, Siming District Education Society, Siming District Teachers Training School, as wellEssence

#Xa0; ﺝ President Chen Ren Shan and team of Chen Ren Shan, Ninth Elementary School in Sanya City, Hainan, President Yan Ziliang and Team of Huixing Primary School, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, President Zhou Tianqin and Team Experiment of the Fourth Central Primary School in Jiaocheng District, Ningde.The primary school administrative team, the principals of Xiamen District, the entrepreneur observation group, the representative of the education community, and the core family committee of the school.

The forum is divided into the morning and afternoon field, chaired by Li Lili, Vice President Zhang Raihong and Director of Course Teaching Department, respectively.

[Meeting: Guests speech to the promise]

Chairman Lin Jiatian of the Xiamen Education Society delivered a speech on the opening ceremony of the forum. He affirmed the value of this forum. He believed that this was the school’s innovation and reshaping of the learning scene.Structural and other all -round structural, systematic, and overall changes are an important fulcrum for the change of school curriculum. It reflects the bold imagination of front -line teachers focusing on various educational spaces and media.Optimize the study of practical strategies such as innovative learning mechanisms, reconstructing learning environment, and changing learning methods, so that children can develop cognition in different learning scenarios.President Lin said that this forum is not only the future education of the school, but also the keenness and courage to the change of education. I hope that all teachers will feel, understand, and gain in the forum activities.

[Looking back: See the original intention of the annual report]

Chen Yanhua, the principal of Xiamen Second Experimental Primary School, delivered a speech and issued the 4th annual report of the fourth and American Forum.The report includes four major sections: clarification and focus, research and practical analysis, the reconstruction exploration of space medium, keywords and initiative.President Chen hopes that all educational colleagues will pay attention to and explore the learning scene together, and propose eight initiatives: 1. Create learning scenarios, reconstruct students’ learning logic and learning paradigms; 2. Everyone interconnect and put people at the core of all design.3. Reconstruct the education space and medium to support students’ personalized learning.4. Re -imagine, from real scenes to virtual space.5. Integrated resources, from a single perception to an immersion experience.6. Collaborative relationships, from physical space to meaning space.7. All mediums can be done, all spaces can be learned, so that learning has nowhere to happen.8. Study at the scene to enable the scene to empower the holographic and panoramic learning of students.She expects that learning scenes is not only imagination, but answers, but also future exploration.

[Exploration: Seeing the Future Reinstaclation]

Teachers of Xiamen Second Experimental Primary School followed the logic of students, based on children’s learning needs, refined scene paradigms from space functions, space technology, space content, etc., reconstructing learning space and empowering courses.

“Space Reconstruction, Learn at the scene”

Incorporate mathematics and health knowledge in the “Digital Health Workshop”, take the initiative to read in the “folding bookstore”, play in the “brain -burning detective agency”, and realize students’ independent management of students in “Star Co., Ltd.”.The scientific knowledge of “smart square cabin” practice, with the help of “‘sound creation’ studio” studio free experience music creation, play the transfer of class cultural walls to create a “‘ -by dream” community “,” cross -border joint “research rich campus cultural and creative,Improve self -creativity in “RELAX Space”, improve music literacy in “Music Theater”, experience the wild life in the “Life Character Interactive Experience Hall”, “fall into the secret room in the book””Flower House” of natural empathy, Tianma’s empty imagination “Future School” …

“The media extension, the interconnection of all things”

Following the “Potter Universe” to open up English thinking, create a “small box theater” to improve the ability to read and write, open the “puzzle treasure box” to play math knowledge, join the “visual music workshop” to perceive new music, “poetic love ‘realm’Encountering “uses virtual technology to immerse in green mountains and green water, the” i “language domain cleverly borrows ChatGPT to help future learning, devoted to the” sponge farm “for labor practice.

【Excited: Experts Revision New Thinking】

Xu Xiaomin, director of the Scientific Research Division of the Fujian Institute of Education, conducted expert comments on the gel in the morning field.He gave a high degree of affirmation of the Teacher Teacher team of Xiamen Second Experimental Primary School. He believed that the past forums of Xiamen Second Experimental Primary School have the whole school, systematic, durability and correctness.Looking up at the imagination of the starry sky and down -to -earth efforts.Based on the previous Waimei Forum, Director Xu saw that teachers in Xiamen Second Experimental Primary School could focus on the problem, analyze the reasons, and then design the model.He said that the topic of this forum was new and connotative.The learning scenes constructed in the morning forum sharing can be based on stimulating students’ learning motivations and interests as the starting point. At the same time, they pay attention to the student’s psychology. It successfully reflects the integration of disciplines and five education.Educational goals of literacy.In the end, Director Xu made a expectation to all educators: pay attention to the children’s emotional attitude values in time, cultivate children’s macro thoughts and broad minds, with good character and harmonious cooperation team spirit, so that every space in the campusThey all carry the infinite possibilities of children’s learning and growth! “Although the road is far away, the behavior is coming.

He Baoqun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiamen Experimental Primary School, gave expert reviews on the afternoon.Secretary He praised the team of teachers in Xiamen Second Experimental Primary School, and affirmed that the theme of this forum was very distinctive and rich in content.One is “rich” in the main body, teachers and students to study; the other is that “rich” is combined with scenes, indoor and outdoor and outdoor; and the third is that “rich” is in the discipline, and diverse focuses.He said that education requires new technologies, new scenarios, new links and new ecology. The school should not just be a “container”, but should be a door to open the perception and creativity of teachers and students.At the same time, he believes that educators should think about the direction of future education, adhere to children’s position, use modern information technology as our use, focus on cultivating students’ information processing ability, and help children explore unknown.

[Outlook: The theme release is viewed]

At the end of the event, President Chen Yanhua summarized and released the theme of the next forum -Family Education Instructor: The Growth fulcrum of the Holographic Pan Education Field domain.

What can educated people think, what can be found, and what can they do? President Chen summarized the exploration of the teaching concept advocated by refining personal education and teaching in the past four years., By the course of the curriculum viewing of the school -based butterfly change, the study scene of the student learning paradigm and the students’ viewing and research based on the student learning paradigm.Belief and direction.In the next theme of the United States Education Forum, the theme of the Mei Education Forum continues to adhere to the future, iterates thinking, and focuses deeply to the occurrence and crux of family education, explore how to break the deadlock and 桎梏 of family education, and lead teachers to think about how to better become value guides and pictures.Planners, growth diagnostists, border reconstructionists, nutritionists, relationship coordinators, etc.


The future has come, the present is the future.Explore the learning scene and light up the infinite possibilities of education growth.

The road is long and far away.For education and practice, Xiamen Second Experimental Primary School is always on the road!

Text: Shangguan Xiaozhen Liu Yiping

Picture: Zhang Ye Zhong Jianhua

Edit: Wang Yue

Preliminary review: Teacher Development Department

Trial: Principal’s Room

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