Leaders of Pudong New District inspecting ecological environmental protection and flood prevention platform work

Leaders of Pudong New District inspecting ecological environmental protection and flood prevention platform work

On the morning of May 18th, Wu Jinsheng, deputy secretary -general of the municipal government, deputy secretary of the Pudong New District Party Committee, and the head of Pudong New District, led a team to residential communities, street shops, green space parks and material reserve centers, rainwater pumping stations, rainwater tanks, etc.At the scene, check the work of ecological environmental protection and flood prevention.

According to the situation reflected in a community reflected by the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Supervisor, the greening of the community is over -pruning and the oil smoke disturbing the people of the cinema street shops.Wu Jinsheng carefully inspected the field situation reflected by the central ecological environmental protection inspectors, and learned about the rectification situation in detail. Relevant departments and units were required to use supervision and rectification to the opportunity to implement work responsibilities, strengthen source control, and further improve the long -term mechanism of ecological environmental protection.

Subsequently, Wu Jinsheng also inspected the Biyun Greenland Lianmong Park and Zhangjiabang’s small watershed.The park is located in the southwestern part of the Central Line, and Zhangjiabang runs through it, covering an area of about 55.5 hectares, of which about 8 hectares.The whole garden takes the concept of green water fusion as its core, and the wetland forest is the landscape characteristic.Zhangjiayu Ecological Cleaning Small Basin Four Networks are promoted and efficiently coordinated. Through rivers and lakes, the construction of water networks, and systematically rectifies the 18 sections of rivers and lakes at the town -level rivers and lakes.Zhangjiabang’s water quality reaches the III standard.After listening to the Pudong New District Ecological Environment Bureau and Pukai Group reporting the forestry system, river length system work, and green space construction and operation, Wu Jinsheng emphasized that it is necessary to do a good job of opening up, strengthen daily management and maintenance, build people’s harmony with nature and nature.The green ecological space enhances the sense of gain, happiness, and security of ordinary people.

The main flood season and the typhoon season are coming.On the same day, the leaders of the Pudong New District also inspected the Material Reserve Center of the Flood Control Station, Huangshan Rainwater Pumping Station and Huamu No. 1 in the early days of the Golden Bridge Town Flood Control Station, and carefully inspected the work of Pudong Flood Prevention and Taiwan.Wu Jinsheng entered the emergency material warehouse, pumping station on duty room, etc., and cordial condolences to the staff, carefully asked the layout of Pudong flood prevention facilities, emergency guarantee systems, and thin and weak points of flood prevention hazards.In the state, the efficiency of the material distribution and transportation to ensure that the emergency supplies are available and used; the management of flood control facilities such as pump stations and slurations should improve the emergency plan and make every effort to make emergency protection preparations.He emphasized that the climate in the flood season this year will generally deviate, and extreme weather and climate events will be too much. Flood control departments at all levels must do a good job of flood prevention work to ensure stable floods.

Bi Guiping and Yu Ying, deputy heads of Pudong New District, participated in the inspection.

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