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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical "Red Board" suspicious kidney

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical "Red Board" suspicious kidney

[The Epoch Times, March 25, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Lai Yanru, Taiwan), Taiwan’s “Kobayashi Pharmaceutical” 5 red -containing functional health foods, because the people have reported reports related to kidney disease after taking it, they announced their own recycling.The Food and Drug Administration stated that there were 2 health food industry who found out the company’s “Red Board” raw materials to make capsule -shaped foods. Total 56 batches of recycling operations.And check application.

Japan ’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical recently issued a notice of recycling of redemption cholesterol products. The main reason is that the company received a notification. Some people had kidney diseases after taking it. According to the company’s analysis, the red -cricket raw materials used by the company mayTherefore, it is recycled by the redemption -related products.

Lin Jinfu, deputy director of the Food and Drug Administration, said that the company’s 5 functional health foods released by the company did not apply for a record of inspection in my country, but the two domestic input operators have a record of entering the company’s “Red Raw Materials”, all of which are all in the company, all of which are all in the company’s “Red Materials”, all of which are, all of which are all in the company, all of which are, all of which are all in the company. Health food manufacturers, red -cricket raw materials are made into capsule -shaped foods and other products. Statistics have 56 batches of report records from January 1, 2022 to March 22, 2024. The two input operators have been connected to the recycling. The border has also stopped the company’s red -related products and raw materials input inspection applications.

Lin Jinfu reminds that if there is a redly -related raw material or product that is used or selling the “Kobayashi Square” in Japan, please stop using, selling and selling independently in accordance with the original Japanese factory notification or suggestion.Article 7 of the Law, the implementation of independent notifications. If there is a use or sales but not notified, according to Article 47 of the same law, it may be fined NT $ 30,000 to 3 million., Avoid buying the above recycling products.

The two industry players in Taiwan are “Sanhexing Industry Co., Ltd. and Dafa Doctor Technology Co., Ltd.”, which also published recycling information on the official website.

In this regard, the master of doctors of the industry said that recently, because the Japanese Kobayashi Hongzheng was experimented with unknown substances in the original Japanese factory, for the sake of safety, the big doctor’s skills of the red 麹 capsule have been prevented from being removed and stopped supply.People still have the big doctor’s skills of the red 麹 麹 capsule products. Please suspend food. The related return issues can call the dedicated line of the paid customer service 0809-009-966, and there will be a special person service.

Sanhexing Industry Co., Ltd. also stated that, given the notice of stop using and autonomous recycling in the production of red raw materials for the production of red crickets in Japanese Pharmaceuticals in Japan.The notice is followed by follow -up processing, and do not eat it again.

Editor in charge: Chen Yanqi

[The Epoch Times, March 25, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Hou Junlin, Taiwan) Taiwan is the dry season in the south, and the irrigation operations continue to carry out.Breaking 50 %.Lin Yuxiang, deputy director of Water Resources, South District of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, pointed out that Tainan’s overall water situation is stable and optimistic. It is expected that all water use of water can be supplied stably before the rainy season, but the public should still save water.

The water storage rate of Zengwen Reservoir fell below 50 %, causing attention.Lin Yuxiang said that it is the first phase of the rice work and spring miscellaneous supply and irrigation period in the first phase of the Jianan Irrigation District. Zeng Wen Reservoir has been roughly completed in the supply of irrigation water.In the middle of the year, the water conservancy agency is managed in a timely manner.

According to the observation statistics of the Water Resources Branch of the Water Resources Department, as of 3 pm on the 25th, the effective water storage capacity of Zengwen Reservoir was about 248.75 million cubic meters, a new high in the same period in the past 8 years, with a water storage rate of 49.2%.

The connected Wushantou Reservoir’s water storage capacity was 48.84 million cubic meters, the water storage rate was 62.2%, the water storage capacity of the Nanyuan Reservoir was 3,709,600 cubic meters, and the water storage rate was 41.3%.

Lin Yuxiang said that according to Tainan’s overall water situation assessment, it is expected that before the rainy season of May and June this year, people’s livelihood, industrial and agricultural irrigation and other related water can be supplied stably.It is much more abundant, but the people should usually maintain a good habit of saving water.

It is worth noting that the total water storage rate of the three major reservoirs in Tainan is about 50 %, and the water feelings are stable, but the water love lights in Taizhu Miao in the north and Taichung in the central region have changed to the reminder representing the water love reminder on the 19th.Green light.

The Tainan City Water Resources Bureau stated that it will continue to grasp the changes in water conditions, and respond to various water -saving measures such as 5%of the water -saving irrigation irrigation and water -saving irrigation irrigation, and industrial units to start through the water saving irrigation of the water.

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