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Kansas City Current’s Remarkable Women’s Soccer Stadium Along the Missouri River

Kansas City Current’s Remarkable Women’s Soccer Stadium Along the Missouri River

As you approach Kansas City from the north, you can’t miss the striking white steel frame of the Kansas City Current’s brand-new soccer stadium rising beside the Missouri River. The team’s new owners are confident that it can revolutionize women’s soccer.

The Kansas City Current bid farewell to Children’s Mercy Park with a triumphant last game on Saturday night, defeating the Chicago Red Stars 6-3 with a record-breaking attendance of 15,671 enthusiastic fans.

For their first two seasons in Kansas City, the National Women’s Soccer League team had to make do with stadiums designed for other sports: first, Legends Field for minor league baseball where the Kansas City Monarchs play, and this season, Sporting Kansas City’s home ground, shared with the men’s team.

However, this is about to change with the Current’s inaugural home match next April, as they move into the world’s first stadium built exclusively for women’s soccer.

Erin Atherton, a recent soccer fan who enjoys attending games with her teenage daughter, remarked, “It’s incredible to live in a city that’s building the first stadium for a women’s professional team. I can’t believe our luck. We can’t wait for it to open and to go to that first game.”

While women’s professional soccer is enjoying record attendance and the addition of expansion teams next year, no women’s team in the U.S. currently plays in a stadium of its own.

“I’m looking forward to seeing it packed,” said Katrina Hawkins, who leads the Current’s fan club.

Despite the stadium being decked in the KC Current’s teal and red colors, the fan club goes by the name KC Blue Crew, a tribute to the color of Kansas City’s previous women’s soccer team, FC Kansas City. The new $125 million stadium represents a concrete commitment to the future of women’s soccer.

Kansas City Current’s Remarkable Women’s Soccer Stadium Along the Missouri River

Hawkins emphasized, “When you invest money in something, it shows that you respect people, and I think that’s something that women’s sports have long needed and deserved.”

Located prominently on the Missouri riverfront, this stadium is set to transform a once-neglected area and anchor new development at the foot of the Kit Bond Bridge. Its presence is impossible to ignore when entering downtown from the north on I-35.

The stadium will distinguish itself in several ways, including its relatively small size for a professional sports stadium. Arrowhead Stadium holds more than 76,000 people on game days, while Children’s Mercy Park accommodates 18,500. In contrast, the new KC Current stadium will initially seat 11,500 fans, offering an intimate game day experience with no seat more than 100 feet from the pitch.

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