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Joe Cole claims Jarrod Bowen can put his name next to anyone in West Ham history

Joe Cole claims Jarrod Bowen can put his name next to anyone in West Ham history

West Ham legend Joe Cole has heaped praise on Jarrod Bowen, claiming the forward can “put his name next to anyone” at the club.

Bowen has enjoyed a fine start to the 2023-24 season, returning six goals and two assists in 10 games across all competitions. He was recently rewarded for his outstanding performances with a new seven-year contract.

Speaking on his influence on David Moyes’ side, Cole lauded Bowen for his humble attitude and desire to help West Ham succeed.

“All those boys from Prague [the UEFA Conference League winning team] are club legends,” Cole said on TNT Sports ahead of West Ham’s UEFA Europa League match against Olympiacos.

“But Jarrod’s got this ability to put his name next to anyone at West Ham. He’s such a talented lad and a humble boy. And you just can’t help but want him to do well.”

Bowen enjoyed a fine campaign last season, returning 13 goals and eight assists across all competitions.

Asked whether he thought the winger, who arrived at the club from Hull in 2020, was driving the team on, Cole said: “He is. And what he’s got is that ability to learn and take in information.

“I remember speaking to him about, maybe this time last year, I was struck by him. He was asking me questions before I think he played for England. And I was saying to him ‘the next step is surely England, Jarrod.’

“And he was like ‘yeah’ and he was asking me about things and then I knew he was a top player, because I’d watched him play. But I thought, he’s just going to keep getting better because he was 25 at the time and he wanted to learn.

“And he’s just kept going since Prague. He’s one of the most in-form players in the league. I think it’s fantastic he’s signed his deal and I think he’s been humble saying he has a long way to go to become a club legend.”

Joe Cole claims Jarrod Bowen can put his name next to anyone in West Ham history

Bowen was not named in the starting XI to take on Olympiacos, having scored during West Ham’s 4-1 defeat by Aston Villa at the weekend. Despite that, he has scored to help The Irons claim wins against Brighton, Luton and Sheffield United this season, with West Ham having won four of their opening nine Premier League matches.

Carlton Cole, who was alongside Joe Cole during TNT Sports’ pre-match coverage, added he thought it was no surprise Bowen had signed a new contract.

“He’s such a great, great kid,” said Carlton Cole, who scored 68 goals in 293 appearances for the club.

“Even in the summer, when we were doing a pre-season tour of Australia, we were on the way back and I had a great conversation, a long conversation with him too.

“And the way he’s happy at West Ham it was no surprise when he signed his new deal because he believes in what he’s working on here, and the project that West Ham can offer him.

“A player of that ilk had signed for that long at this stage of his career shows you how highly he thinks of West Ham – so kudos for him.”

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