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Jefferson shines in FIBA World Cup, pays tribute to Kobe Bryant with 24 jersey and clutch 3+1

Jefferson shines in FIBA World Cup, pays tribute to Kobe Bryant with 24 jersey and clutch 3+1

A naturalized player’s brilliance quickly shone in the FIBA World Cup, making him hard to ignore. His name, Jefferson, has become a legend in the hearts of fans. This season, it is not only a competition on the basketball court, but also a legacy of Kobe Bryant’s spirit, a story about the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Jefferson, his shooting motion, shaking skills, dribbling style, and even his shooting posture, all reveal Kobe’s shadow. He seems to be Kobe’s reincarnation. Every time he jumps and shoots, he seems to pay tribute to Kobe. Every time he breaks through and shakes, he seems to reproduce Kobe’s style. This similarity is not only a technical fit, but also a reverence for Kobe, a tribute to the basketball legend.

In the knockout stage of the men’s basketball World Cup, Greece faced Jordan. Jefferson’s performance once again attracted attention. He showed Kobe-like bravery in just half a game: 17 minutes, 4-of-5 shooting, 7-of-7 free throws, 15 points, five rebounds, two assists. This performance not only contributed to Greece’s advancement, but also showed the world his determination to inherit the Mamba spirit.

The fans’ admiration was overflowing. Some exclaimed: “Jefferson is simply a replica of Kobe. His performance is incredible.” Others lamented: “He not only won the victory for Greece, but also won the dignity for naturalized players.” These voices, gathered into a warm applause, are a double recognition of his efforts and talents.

However, in a showdown, he proved himself with his actions that he inherited Kobe’s spirit. With 10.7 seconds left in the game, he became Jordan’s “left-handed Kobe”, wearing the 24 jersey and making an amazing 3+1 play to push the game into overtime. At that moment, it seemed that Kobe’s soul was attached to him, showing Kobe’s indomitable spirit in the game.

Although the final result of the game was disappointing, this moment has become his glory. He fought bravely with his own strength and interpreted the “Mamba spirit” advocated by Kobe. He demonstrated Kobe’s creed of “never give up and do your best” with practical actions.

In the eyes of European journalists, he became one of the superstars of the World Cup. He wore the 24 jersey and seemed to have a spiritual connection with Kobe. He helped Jordan enter overtime with 38 points. This halo of being on par with Kobe has shaped him into a hero of an era.

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