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It’s about bullying for primary and secondary school students!Dalian Education Bureau’s latest announcement

It’s about bullying for primary and secondary school students!Dalian Education Bureau’s latest announcement

April 25th

Dalian Education Bureau released

About open education administrative department

Primary and secondary school student bullying prevention work institutions

And office phone announcement

Primary and secondary school students are bullying. It refers to the occurrence of bullying and insults through means of one side or between one side (individual or group) in a single or multiple times or maliciously through the limbs, language, and networks, causing the other side (individual or group)Incidents of physical damage, property loss, or mental damage.

In order to further unblock the channels for students and parents, the education administrative department and office telephone number of primary and secondary school students in the city and counties (pilot districts) and the municipal education bureaus are now disclosed.Students and parents and parents of various primary and secondary schools (including secondary vocational schools), if they are troubled by bullying, can call relevant work institutions to report the situation. The education administrative department will arrange special staff to be responsible for duty and deal with them in time.

1. Zhongshan District Education Bureau

Sports Health: 82318097

2. Xigang District Education Bureau

Sports Health: 83689402

Office: 83683770

Basic Education Section: 83601152

3. Education Bureau of Shahekou District

Sports Health: 84368420

Basic Education Section: 84368409

Personnel Section: 84368410

4. Ganjingzi District Education Bureau

Sports Health Art: 88159967

5. High -tech zone education

Education Section of the Cultural and Sports Bureau: 88142890

6. Lushunkou District Education Bureau

Plan: 86367770

7. Jinpu New District Education Bureau

Cai’an Section: 87676880

8. Pulandian District Education Bureau

Safety Department: 83181561

9. Wafangdian Education Bureau

Basic Education Section: 85613936

10. Zhuanghe City Education Bureau

Safety Department: 89715161

11. Changhai County Education Bureau

Sports Health: 39371522

12. Changxing Island Education Culture and Sports Bureau: 85095740

13. Dalian Education Bureau

Yichi Office: 84603623

High School: 84649503

Division: 84603631

Regulatory Office: 84300325

Sports Health Office: 84649442

Special announcement.

Original title: “Bullying for primary and secondary school students!Dalian Education Bureau Latest Announcement “

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