It is a science to wear, which has a trick to enhance temperament. Teach you to wear an elegant temperament

It is a science to wear, which has a trick to enhance temperament. Teach you to wear an elegant temperament

Putting is a science and a technique. Many times you spend money to buy brand or high -end texture clothes, and you may not be able to wear a high -level temperament!

Even if the same price or similar clothes, if you do n’t choose and do n’t understand, the effect is very different.How to improve temperament wearing, fashion bloggers teach you hand, so that you can easily wear elegant temperament!

Shirt wear

The commutes of the office workers are not separated from the shirt. This blue shirt, the satisfactory version and cotton fabrics are used to match with white cigarette pants. This is formal and ordinary.Intersection

If you replace it with satin texture, it is also a simple style, but the design of soft fabrics and ribbons will enhance your dress texture and refinement, making people feel that the temperament is much more elegant!

Wide -legged pants are more popular items in summer. If they are matched with ordinary commute shirts, they will look more rigid and boring, and Banzheng’s lapel is not very friendly to the face shape.Put the chiffon shirt of the V -neck, the lace of the collar adds a gentle atmosphere, the soft fabric is also quite thin, it will also make people look more gentle and feminine!

Knitwear wear

The thin sweater is also one of the more comfortable wear in summer. In order to be more cool and refreshing, many people will choose a hollow and loose style. Who does not know that such a version is slightly soil and it is difficult to wear a temperament!

The slim version of the pit styles are completely different. The vertical pits are as thin as vertical stripes. The exquisite workmanship is more textured. It is bumpy and full of temperament!

Wide -leg pants wear

In the summer, the light and soft wide -leg pants are comfortable and sun protection, and the high -waisted version is more likely to be thinner and high.However, if the upper body is matched with ordinary basic T -shirts, it will inevitably look flat. If the T -shirt is loose, it will not be thinner!

The short square collar shirt is replaced to reveal the charming clavicle lines. It also makes the whole look more vibrant. In addition to the age reduction, the bubble sleeve design also has a bit of retro atmosphere, which is very elegant!


The floral skirt is also one of the elements of the summer. Although the small floral skirt is relatively fresh, it is difficult to give people a sense of atmosphere if it is used to match the shirt.Leave the skirt appropriately and replace the small floral patterns with irregular patterns. The overall shape will be more refreshing, and the simple lines will also look more temperament!

In addition to the floral skirt, the floral dress is also a single product with a high summer appearance rate in many girls. No matter what your body is, this round neck has no waist -like loose floral skirt, and there is no body advantage at all.It’s really hard to control.

It is also a floral skirt. The version of the tea break skirt design is completely different. It can greatly enhance our temperament. The V -neck design and the low ponytail complement each other. Optimize our head and body proportion.Let us look thinner and tall!

Among the many dresses, I think that the lace skirt needs to be carefully selected, because the cheap lace is more difficult to wear the texture, and it is easy to look tacky like this pink driving.

It is better to choose a black slim dress. Black will make the fabric texture more high -end, and the simple slim style is also more temperamental. Set on a small bag at will, it looks like a rich family!