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Indian military sports reform: intends to win China Pakistan and suppress the rebellion at the same time

Indian military sports reform: intends to win China Pakistan and suppress the rebellion at the same time

The two armies before the Sino -Indian border war in 1962 confronted each other

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According to reports from Japan’s “Diplomats” magazine website on January 17, Indian military planners have prepared for the reorganization of the army to respond to the threat of combination from China and Pakistan; and is this “cold start”?

It is reported that Indian Prime Minister Singh may have told Congress last month that he does not think that China will perform attack on India; but the Indian military is unwilling to take risks.The world’s second largest army held a ceremony on January 15 to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the founding of the army; the army is on the cusp of its organizational structure and strategic aspect to deal with a combination of a combination of China and its allies Pakistan.This change has begun after more than 5 years of military exercises. Every year, there are one of the three major Indian attack arms and a desert corps; the adjustment strategy has begun to operate, and then India can surprise India to capture the capture of India.Pakistan.Under this concept, the defense forces at the border with Pakistan have been re -designated as the “key” troops; and the enhanced offensive unit under the integration of the combat team (IBG) is managed.IBG consists of a division -level military power, including armored, artillery, and Air Force that quickly crack down on Pakistan before attacking forces. It is located deep inside India and is convenient to mobilize.

It is reported that this should provide India with the so -called “cold start” choice. With this strategy, IBG can act quickly in 48 hours.Last week, General V.k. Singh, commander of the Indian Army, explained this concept to New Delhi TV (NDTV) broadcasters; although he repeatedly avoided calling it “cold start”.He said: “Our goal is to make the army more mobile and flexible, more fatal, and respond faster; at the same time, forming a network unit that can cope with future threats. In this regard, we should take some specific steps.The first is to re -establish our organization into the group army and participate in the battle.

It is reported that reform research began under the leadership of Singh, and he was also directing the Eastern Army; it was part of the former army distribution, and this concept has taken effect since 2010.Just as the Indian Times pointed out, military exercises such as “victory” can hit the enemy with a skillful “lightning war” after receiving the temporary notice.According to the article, it is essentially centered on the two enhanced type armored troops.However, in November and December last year, the two -month Sudarshan Shakti military exercise; not only did this concept a step forward, but also added some new things to India’s combat theory.For the first time, the Indian military successfully used its satellites and drones to provide real -time images and information to the battlefield commander.At the same time, the military also tested the real -time link between the sensor and the gun; this allowed the commander to make a rapid decision when the information shared between the information between the platform and the combatants.

It is reported that more than 60,000 soldiers and 300 tanks were led by the Indian military’s largest and most fatal formation, the 21st Corps, and 300 tanks, including all factors, including the Air Force; they were all inCompleted on a single platform.The Air Force participating in the battle reported that such as Su-30MKI, America Tiger, MiG-27 and MiG-21 fighters, as well as early warning aircraft and helicopters.However, if the “Sudarshan Shakti” military exercise is to prove India’s new combat strategy for Pakistan; then, in the past four years, a series of changes in the northern and eastern commands of the Indian army are to make the Indian side do to do itGood fight against China.As mentioned earlier, the two new mountain military departments have been deployed on the Chinese border; this has made the Eastern Command a tiger, and at the same time, the military can reorganize the reserve forces into more mature formations to fight against China.

It is reported that the reality is that although India has three “strikes” or offensive forces for Pakistan; it still lacks offensive formations against China and is considered the biggest threat by the military.A project plan designed to form a mountain attack force (because of the high level of terrain along the Chinese border) is currently unreasonable because of the Indian Ministry of Finance, because this project needs a large amount of investment, it is estimated that it will cost more than $ 10 billion in the next 5 years.EssenceHowever, the Ministry of Defense and the Army Headquarters hope that it should not be able to initiate the formation of this formation early.General Singh told reporters: “At this moment, we are facing a threat organization; we are developing in the direction of anti -threat ability. After a long time, we will become an armed force with completely resistance to threats. It has many aspects:For example, what kind of equipment do you have? What kind of resources do you have to quickly deploy in different places?It takes some time; this is not something we can change overnight. “

It is reported that as I mentioned in the analysis article after the establishment of the military section last year, the purpose of the recent transformation is to enhance the combat capability of the army. This means that people usually call the war “two and a half front line”;It is possible to fight against Pakistan and China at the same time, and to deploy anti -riots in China to provide reference.So far, the four wars between India and Pakistan, as well as a war between India and China are separate conflicts.However, Indian strategists believe that the two close allies, China and Pakistan, are very likely to launch a joint attack in India in the future.Therefore, the Indian military may want to prepare for this.At the same time, the military has summarized the future development direction to become a sclerotal force with fast maneuverability and deployment capabilities.

It is reported that according to the Indian military data, this reform “seamlessly integrates effective military power without being restricted by the rigid ‘order’.”The report pointed out: “So far, every command and formation operate well within its specified boundaries; at the same time, they only deploy troops and provide services in regional jurisdictions.Breaking these artificial boundaries, minimizing the loss and increasing the best resource utilization rate therefore will be transferred from the deployment of the Command -based headquarters to the ‘Commander of the Command’ in the next few yearsModel; ‘front line’ or pioneer forces will be seamlessly integrated with ‘depth’ or rear resources. “

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