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Holding hands in the Z generation, Samma "heard" the "sound" of the brand renewed from the national tide

Holding hands in the Z generation, Samma "heard" the "sound" of the brand renewed from the national tide

[Global Network Technology Report Reporter Lin Mengxue] In recent years, my country’s clothing retail industry has entered an important period of accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure. Consumption upgrades have put forward higher requirements for clothing brands. Among the clothing industry that accelerates shuffle, “domestic goods”, “domestic goods”, and “National Tide” has become a consumer wind direction of generations, and the clothing industry will build the brand influence that resonates the same frequency as the times.

Qiu Jianqiang, executive chairman of Samma Clothing, said, “Senma is a brand that grows with the times. Standing on the new starting point of the” Fourteenth Five -Year Plan “, the world influence of Chinese brands has increased by daily., Sema further played the director to meet the needs of different scenarios of consumers, and developed a number of new product lines such as the Smartech series and the national creation of Senma.”” “

Domestic goods are the same, Senma brand innovative empowerment of national tide vitality

From the traditional cultural theme program “Chinese Poetry Conference” and “National Treasure” set off, the popularity of Chinese studies, to “New, Forbidden City, Palace Museum”, the trendy of the Forbidden City’s cultural and creative tide is hot, and more and more domestic brands have become the consumer demands of the public.

Driven by the comprehensive improvement of commodity power, brand power, and cultural power, my country’s clothing consumption has entered the era of the new national tide, and the market has also begun to re -examine the influence of the national tide on the brand.

Qiu Jianqiang said that “in recent years, the rise of the” national tide “has set off a new round of topic of Chinese manufacturing and Chinese brands. Chinese young people use the national tide as a new form of pursuing self -expression.”The embodiment of Chinese culture.”

As one of the representatives of domestic and clothing brands, Samma fully taps its brand genes in its brand matrix and interprets traditional Chinese culture.The Senma × Shanhai Jing joint series, Senma × Hua Mulan joint series, Senma × Mickey New Year’s New Year co -branded series and so on.

“Senma and Shan Haijing cross -border cooperation to change the ancient myth culture’s ancient and alienated stereotypes. With 5 gods and beasts of different meanings and different stories, the original feeling of ink and ink is used to restore the original feeling of ink painting, showing the mythical story.The spiritual connotation of mysterious aesthetics and traditional stories.

Barabara, another main brand owned by Senma Group, joined hands with the Chinese Palace Museum culture, with the country as the tide, launched the Palace Palace Palace Palace Palace Palace Locomotives, which has the essence of the traditional culture of the Forbidden City, and blends into its own comfortable design of itself., Taking the classic diamond windows, glazed brick carving, Xiangyun, Panlong, Flower and other decorations as design elements, embroidered the flying butterflies and blooming flowers on the light gauze skirt, and the neckline was ingeniously adopted similarly.The design of the women’s palace clothing has both creativity and ancient charm, coexistence and beauty, showing the innovative integration of classics and the culture of the times.

What’s more worth mentioning is that whether it is a boy or a girl’s clothing, the color matching has a full “Forbidden City”.The delicate pink bottle and the magnificent palace group are integrated into these colors. While taking into account children’s aesthetics, they have given a strong cultural heritage.In addition, Barabala also launched national tide products with traditional culture such as joint series with the Suzhou Museum, the Dunhuang joint series, and the big noise Sky joint series.Communicate and deeply awaken the cultural DNA deep in the heart of consumers.

In addition, MINI BALA also launched the “Carp Leaping Dragon Gate Series” with illustration artist Liu Dan, which carries its brand’s many imaginations of children’s clothing design and integrates national tide power.Re -interpret the traditional story of carp leaping Longmen, conveying the spirit of daring to build dreams.

Qiu Jianqiang believes that “the consumption concept of the Chinese people has pursued from the material level and rose to the pursuit of self -confidence and satisfaction in the pursuit of spiritual and cultural fields. With the development and prosperity of socio -economic and cultural, the Chinese clothing industry has been redefined into culture, technology, and technology, technology, and technology, science and technology, and technology, technology, and technology, science and technology.The technical and creative industry of technology content, on the basis of grasping market demand and mainstream aesthetics, pay attention to the multicultural orientation preferences of consumers in the new era.

Insight new consumption trends, brand potential energy continues to renew

Since Morima shouted “What is wearing” in 2003, this familiar slogan has become a youth memory of many 80s and 90s.With the strong enlightenment of the post -95s and post -00s, the younger generation has become the main force of the consumer market.

Qiu Jianqiang believes that “the new generation of young consumers from” material “consumption and then shift to emotional consumption, and the perception of the emotional value of the product is better than the functional value.Consumption guidance and the creativity of customer value are becoming more and more obvious, and a new generation of young consumers have become loyal fans of IP. “

“On the basis of understanding the culture of the times, Morima fully implements Morima’s comfort and aesthetics, follows the design concept of” comfortable fashion “, builds natural and comfortable scenes for young consumers, and has a subtle correlation with the brand’s” comfort “to the keywords.To accurately output young groups, at the same time, with the help of stars, IPs, etc., they create explosive topics, and pass the brand spirit in all aspects of young people. “He said.

Qiu Jianqiang said, “From the perspective of the age group of IP commodities, consumers’ contributions of the post -90s and post -95s accounted for nearly 50%, which is an absolute backbone.In the layout of the product, Senma will also empower the product series, fashion, and branding according to the needs of users. “

It is reported that since 20 years, Senma focused on the 95th, positioned the core value of the brand as “work play/work to play”.The two sides jointly launched a series of short videos and live broadcasts.It was also launched in 2021: National Treasure, Pinyin series, e -sports series, SMILEY, SpongeBob, Smurf, Donald Duck, Pantone, Mickey, Forbidden City · Baoyunlou and other rich IP cross -border joint names to satisfy young people todayDiverse wearing needs.

Qiu Jianqiang said, “In 2022, the Senma brand will increase consumer insights and digital construction investment, fit consumer wearing scenes for product research and development, and use cross -border design, cross -border design, and technology design to the extreme.Functional clothing products, try to create a comfortable shopping experience for consumers, make Sema products a fashion trend of young people in generations. “

By leaning for e -commerce, the brand discovered the secret of “evergreen”

Under the trend of new retail, the digital promotion of the clothing industry has continued to deepen the transformation. The traditional clothing industry has entered the “deep water zone”. The booming of Internet e -commerce has played a huge role in the consumer market.Strategic driving the market.

It is reported that there are two types of brands in Senma E -commerce, one is online and offline brands, such as Semir, Balabala and the acquisition brand; the other is pure online, such as Mini Bala.

Senma, who seized the e -commerce style, stood in the clothing brand.”After the establishment of the Morima e -commerce in 2012, its Balabala sales ranked first in the industry, and successfully realized the transformation of the enterprise, pushing the brand from offline to online. At the same timeThe information learned is to be inferred and offline.Emphasize each other on and offline, think about the “full -structure crowd” of online and offline.

Over the years, Senma E -commerce has established a direct contact with the e -commerce platform to achieve accurate reach of consumers.Whether it is Taobao, and other search e -commerce, social e -commerce such as WeChat, Pinduoduo, or content e -commerce such as Douyin, Kuaishou, etc., through the overall e -commerce layout, Mori e -commerce can easily realize the “buy can be available at any time.Buy and buy anywhere. “

During the Double Eleven of 2021, Senma e -commerce achieved omnicinal sales 2.298 billion, a year -on -year increase of 33.8%. In addition, Semaro e -commerce from 50 million in 2012 to 2.298 billion in Double 11 in 2021, achieved oversold super45 times growth.

In terms of marketing and promotion, Senma E -commerce is carried out based on the portrait of consumers.”By reaching consumers and then generating acting, purchasing and even purchasing, research is based on this. As a non -standard clothing, the key is to pay attention to changes in consumers and implement this change to marketing. This also tests the team to test the team.Collaboration ability and organizational ability. “

In the past few years, Morima E -commerce has also hosted the field of live e -commerce in the field of e -commerce, and has accumulated rich experience.During the self -broadcasting of Taobao flagship stores, in addition to the successful implementation of the 24 -hour sales day, it also planned a live broadcast of super popular live broadcast rooms such as the general manager airborne live room.

In addition, a platform with large users with large bases also covers omni -channel coverage through KOL goods and platform activities, allowing more potential consumers to understand new brand products in a timely manner and express brand attitude.From March 21st to March 26th this year, Barabara joined the Douyin E-commerce Super Brand Day to launch the “Surly My Treasure” challenge on the Douyin platform.Putting grass cash with goods KOC, enhance the topic and product exposure, drive people around you, promote a large number of UGC spontaneous interactive screen -level communication, Barabara related content also appears on#This wave of national tide was held by Mengwa, the hot list of Douyin topicsEssence

After Balabara quickly created a vocal volume in the vibrato ecology through the Douyin Challenge, it also created the ace live room with the atmosphere of the Palace of the Palace of the Palace.Cultural elements are brought into a very modern live broadcast room, interpreting excellent traditional culture in a new way, and bringing consumers a refreshing brand experience;

During the Superplacement Day, by inviting celebrities to help out, the cumulative viewing of 21 million people, sales of over 660,000 pieces of goods, cumulative 10 Horizon Palace Museums; the GMV of this superpower day reached more than 41 million, 5 days in 5 days, 5 days, 5 days, 5 days, 5 days, 5 days.Top1 at the top of the industry brand list, the total exposure of the entire network exceeds 750 million. Through this event, the brand has achieved the dual improvement of product sales and brand exposure, and successfully created a national wave of children’s clothing.

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