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Foreign tourists’ visa -free entry China is too fast and too time on time

Foreign tourists’ visa -free entry China is too fast and too time on time

Chinese official media ring Times reported:“Now it’s a good time to go to China.” The website of the French European News and Television reported on the 18th that China should rank first in your 2024 tourist desire list, because China has rich culture, food, and full sense of future ​​of.In recent times, China’s “visa -free” circle of friends has continued to expand, and more and more foreign tourists have come to China for sightseeing or business activities.”Global Times” reporters interviewed people from foreign tourists, travel agencies, airlines and other parties, and found that the attraction of China’s visa -free policy is emerging.

“Too fast, too timely”

From March 19th to 21st, the Cruise “Adania”, which is equipped with nearly a thousand tourists from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries, visited China and stopped at Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal.Hu Jiying, the person in charge of the receptionist of the German tourist, told the Global Times reporter that the Global Times reporters have benefited from China’s latest visa -free policy to some European countries.

Many people say that this trip is not false. Some people praise China’s cultural heritage “too amazing”. Some people praise China’s high -speed rail “too fast, too timely”, and tourists shared, “This is the first time I came to China,Feel that China has both traditional culture and modern and open side. The Chinese people are enthusiastic and friendly. We welcome us foreigners and hope that there will be a chance to come to China next time. “

On the second day of this year, a charter from Kuala Lumpur landed at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport.”This is the first Southeast Asian charter tour group received in the Northeast in the past ten years.” Diao Shixia, general manager of the Spring and Autumn Tourism Shenyang Branch, told the Global Times reporter that these tourists entered China with visa -free, “they are particularly happy.”They experienced special activities such as catching big sets and watching ice sculptures.Diao Shixia said that the Malaysians themselves are very longing for the ice and snow culture in the Northeast. After they came to the Northeast, they were “preferential” and “preferences”, and they were deeply infected by the humanistic enthusiasm of the Northeast.

It is reported that on March 14 this year, China announced that it tried unilateral visa exemption to Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

The visa -free policy has greatly stimulated the needs of international passenger entry (China).According to data provided by the online travel platform Ctrip to the Global Times, since March 16, the overall order of domestic entry tourism has increased by more than three times year -on -year, an increase of about 50 % over the same period in 2019.

Foreign tourists' visa -free entry China is too fast and too time on time

On January 26, 2024, foreign tourists played at the Grand Canyon Bridge in Zhangjiajie, Hunan.(Visual China)

The attractiveness of China’s visa -free policy is emerging, and many European tourism practitioners and people have expressed “longing for the Global Times” reporters.”If China provides visa -free travel to my country, I will definitely go to China.” Radavia’s female college student Anandasia told the Global Times reporter that she was most interested in Chinese culture and historical landmarks, and she was most interestedWant to visit the countryside of China.

In fact, attracting and receiving international tourists is not easy.Travel agency practitioners told reporters that some European countries are not very good, and prices have increased greatly. They generally reduce travel expenditures. “There are not many people who can afford travel to China.” “For European touristsEspecially good news. “Li Zhaohui, the chief representative of the Beijing Office of the Beijing Office, who has been dealing with the European tourism market for a long time, told the Global Times reporter that visa -free not only saved the trouble, but also saved a visa fee of more than 100 euros.This is attractive to European families.

More practitioners enter the track

The visa -free policy has also promoted the development of China’s tourism and related industries.Li Zhaohui told the Global Times reporter that many Chinese travel agencies, which were originally undertaken the outbound travel business, also began to go abroad to promote China’s destination to overseas tourists.The continuous recovery and broad market prospects of entry tour allows more domestic practitioners to enter the track.

Data provided to the Global Times show that as of mid -March, there were 85,500 domestic existing enterprises related to domestic entry tourism. Since December 2022, a total of 441 enterprises related to entry tourism are registered.

In addition, many related industries have begun to deploy the Chinese market in advance.For immigration tourism, the layout of international flights is an important part.To this end, the Global Times asked a number of European airlines, and they all said that attracting international tourists to China is an important direction for the company.

In a statement issued by the European Aviation Group France and Airlines Headquarters in the Global Times, China said that China is an important market for France and HTM.Regarding China’s visa -free policy, Guan Luming, the chief customer of British Aviation Headquarters, responded to the Global Times reporter that “expanding Beijing and Shanghai’s unit bases will be our important efforts.”

“It is expected that the entry tourist team will increase significantly in the second half of the year.”

Anasteasia also bluntly stated that her language barrier and travel costs in China are a problem that she is more worried.”Global Times” reporters have been concerned that since the introduction of the visa -free policy, there have been voices overseas that China’s digital payment, attractions appointment, and language barriers are all factors to reduce their willingness to travel to China.In this regard, Zhou Weihong, deputy general manager of Chunqiu Tourism, told the Global Times reporter, “We must also pay more attention to the needs of free travel tourists, such as increasing the richness of the supply of fragmented resources of urban tourism and the fluentity of language scenes, and the fluentity of language scenes.The convenience of small payment scenarios, etc. “In addition, Zhou Weihong also mentioned that due to the insufficient multi -language tour guide in the society, it is necessary to encourage return flow in time and increase training.

The Forbidden City is the first time for foreigners to come to Beijing. Fan Yongli, Manager of the International Tourism Center of China Peace International Tourism Co., Ltd., also told the Global Times reporter that the system for the number of visitors and 7 days in advance due to the number of visitors.It is impossible to guarantee that passengers can visit the Forbidden City.”We hope to open a foreigner’s appointment channel or appropriately increase the number of visitors daily, or put the appointment time to 1-3 months in advance.”

Skift, a US travel industry website, reported that China has made a series of efforts to promote entry tourism.A few days ago, the People’s Bank of China introduced three major measures to improve the convenience of mobile payment in China, including improving the efficiency of Alipay and WeChat binding overseas bank cards, simplifying identity verification arrangements, and single lectures that use foreign personnel to use mobile payment.The transaction limit has been increased from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000, etc., and also released the “Guidelines for Payment of Foreign Staff Come to China”.

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