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Experts interpret the special operation of the 2024 "clear" series: to create a healthy and healthy network business environment in accordance with the law

Experts interpret the special operation of the 2024 "clear" series: to create a healthy and healthy network business environment in accordance with the law

CCTV Beijing, March 22 (Reporter Wan Yuhang) Recently, the Central Network Information Office deployed a special operation of the 2024 “clear” series of special operations, focusing on 10 rectification tasks.

(Picture source: Central Internet Information Office website)

The reporter noticed that in the 10 tasks, the “optimized business network environment” and “self -media” content governance appeared in special operations for two consecutive years.The difference is that this year, it highlights the “rectification of the chaos of corporate infringement information” and “rectifying ‘self -media’ bottom line without traffic”.Focus on new situations and new issues, and carry out special rectification, which has become an important means to ensure the clearness of the network ecology.

“This year is the 30th anniversary of the full function access to the international Internet, and it is also the tenth anniversary of the strategic goal of the Internet.In the past, it provides a guarantee for promoting the high -quality development of the digital economy. “Ouyang Rihui, deputy dean of the China Internet Economic Research Institute of Central University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview with CCTV reporters.

The latest data from the China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) shows that as of December 2023, the size of netizens in my country reached 1.092 billion, compared with 24.8 million new netizens from December 2022, and the Internet penetration rate reached 77.5%.How to maintain the clear gas of this “digital society”?How to solve new risks and new risks of online ecology and create a healthy and healthy digital business environment?Experts believe that the rule of law of the Internet has become a vital part.

Implement according to law, optimize the business network environment

In 2024, the special action of the “Qinglang” series listed the “chaos of corporate infringement information” as one of the special operations, focusing on rectifying the spread of false information involving enterprises, deliberately rumoring and smearing enterprises, entrepreneurs, and in the name of “public opinion supervision”Enterprises such as extortion.

Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, told reporters from that cracking down on the “chaos of corporate infringement information” was the “website platform acceptance disposal and disposal of corporate infringement information report work specifications issued by the Central Network Information Office last August”Continuation.”The criteria for judging factual issues, including the damage to corporate goodwill, the damage to entrepreneurs, and online rumors, have clear legal norms. So promoting implementation is to let the network space truly establish a camp of the rule of law.Business environment. “Zhu Wei said.

Lawyer Liu Yixing, a researcher at the Shanghai Political Science and Law School and the director of the Shanghai Randy Law Firm, believes that the public’s normal supervision of enterprises, especially listed companies, is incomparable., Deliberately speculation and other methods, the wind and waves in the public opinion field constitute a cyber violence to the enterprise.He cited the example of Nongfu Spring and said that if the “chaos involving enterprise infringement information” is not effective, it will not only damage the image reputation of enterprises and entrepreneurs, will cause economic losses, but also damage the company’s confidence in the development of the enterprise., So that enterprises cannot do production and conspiracy to develop with peace of mind.

“The business environment is a manifestation of the rule of law economy. At the same time, the Internet public opinion environment is also a mapping of the rule of law environment. They are the relationship between trinity. There is no harsh Internet environment, but there is a good business environment; it is impossible to occur.The wind on the Internet is clear, everyone protects the rights, but the business environment is not good. “Zhu Wei emphasized.

It can be seen that allowing the “Fa Deli Sword” to establish authority and use the rule of law to create a stable, fair, transparent, and expected environment for enterprises in order to allow enterprises to let go of their hands and feet, light up, and concentrate on production and development.

Rectify the “chaos of corporate infringement information”, all parties need to form a joint force

In Ouyang Rihui, rectifying the “chaos of infringement information involving enterprises” is a necessary move to build a digital business environment.In the process of digital transformation of the enterprise, its business activities, management processes, and a large amount of data are inseparable from the Internet. Therefore, for various enterprises, whether it is in traditional industries or emerging technologies, the digital construction of the business environment is the construction of the business environment.A new and important proposition.

Facing the new situation and challenges of the digital business environment, interviewed experts generally believe that rectifying the “chaos of corporate infringement information” requires not only the normalization supervision and management of the competent authority, but also the network platform to bear the main responsibility, and the “water army”, “Black Public Relations” and other behaviors of damage to the network ecological environment are well governance and standardized.

“Strengthening ‘self -media’ management, the” 13 “measures released by the Central Cyberspace Office last year is very important. For example, the” one person No. 1 and one enterprise two “, does the major online platforms be implemented well now?I think the platform’s governance of some stock accounts needs to be further strengthened, especially from the source of technology, strictly fulfill the online information office registration, real -name registration, account management, MSN management, credit joint supervision, timely retirement, etc.The regulations and requirements are in place, “Zhu Wei said.

In addition, Zhu Wei believes that the platform can identify the water army account through algorithms for reviews, follow -up, and click.At the same time, it is necessary to further optimize the functions of hot search hot list and hot association words. While pursuing the efficiency of communication, the platform also has a longer awareness of responsibility for the security and trust of the network space.

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