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Exercise is the best way to maintain the body

Exercise is the best way to maintain the body

Author: Fan Zhihong

Associate Professor of the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety at the School of Food of China University of Agricultural University, Ph.D. in Food Science

Director of the China Nutrition Society, senior member of the China Food and Technology Association, director of the Beijing Popular Science Writers Association.

The main teaching and research direction is the impact of cooking and processing on the value of food nutrition and health, the design and development of nutritional food and nutritional recipes, and the impact of health factors on food selection. 11 editor -in -chief and editor -in -chief textbooks have been published, published 116 papers.

This article is excerpted from Mr. Fan Zhihong’s book: “Fan Zhihong: The Beautiful Health Book written to a woman”.

Authorized “China Clinical Nutrition Network” released

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Sports are young and dynamic | Movement should be guaranteed for half an hour every day.Improving blood circulation and strengthening cardiopulmonary function is equivalent to transporting more nutrients and oxygen to our skin, which can also make muscle firming, and the proportion of viscera fat decreases.In this way, it can avoid premature facial drooping and prevent double chin, which looks young and energetic.

High -priced supplements are not as good as insisting on exercise | There is almost no need to cost, and there are many ways to improve immune function. For example, moderate exercise is good for immune function, maintaining a happy mood and.These things that do not spend money are unwilling to do it -willing to sit still every day, willing to believe the rumors of each negative energy.Then, spend a high price to buy sea cucumber to “nourish” … Human is a strange animal.

It ’s better to go to the store in the store. How do women love themselves during the holiday?Is it a whole day in the air -dirty shop and buy expensive bags and clothes?Or lie in the beauty salon for a whole day and take care of the whole body skin?Or let yourself relax for a day, exercise, go out, breathe fresh air, and promote blood circulation?If the three are compared, I think the score of shopping is the lowest, the beauty body is second, and the sports and fitness scores are the highest.

Taking exercise as a habit | exercise is necessary for a healthy life. It is both beauty and body, and it can also enhance energy, relieve stress, and delay aging. There are too many benefits.After exercising these benefits, there is motivation to persist.Once you stop exercising, you feel awkward.Those who think that exercise is very bitter and miserable, because they have not experienced happiness, they give up in advance.

Exercise can condition the body | Slows jogging for 1 hour a day, or take 10,000 steps, persist for 1 month, and see what effect is there?Many friends have given the answer: the skin becomes smooth, the muscles become tight, the flesh is less, the mental becomes better, the face quality is improved, and the quality of sleep is improved … and women say that chest bloating and abdominal pain before the physiological period that has trouble for many years,As the time of persistence extending, it was almost forgotten.

Sports make women’s complexion brighter | A girl is brighter in color, small bones, and thin body.But squeezing her arm, only to find that her subcutaneous fat thickness was far more than me.She is not thin!The muscles are serious, but the fat has excessive.If this type of girls do a good job of improvement in nutrition and add some exercise, they can appear a miracle of “gaining 10 pounds and not tightening clothes”.At the same time, the face becomes white and brighter, and the physical strength improves significantly.

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Exercise is the best way to lose weight | What is better to lose weight?Diet and medicine will rebound the same after stopping.The difference is that eating medicine and taking medicine hurts the body, and insisting on the movement will keep people healthy and energetic.Now that we want to be young, slim, and spiritual, why not choose to persist in exercise for a lifetime?

Learn the correct movement posture | Many girls running posture have problems, and do not pay attention to the warm -up before exercise and stretching after exercise, and the lack of buffer in the shoes, which can easily cause exercise damage.I saw those running methods on the playground, and I was really worried about them.

You can also exercise easily after meals | You can’t go a hundred steps after meals, and even half an hour after meals can only sit and lie, wrong.Only those who are extremely weak in their bodies, drooping their stomachs, or severe indigestion need to rest quietly after meals.For healthy people, half an hour after meals should stand up and clean up the table, brush the bowl, do some housework, or take a walk.Easy post -meal activity will not hinder digestion, but will help prevent stacked fat.High -intensity exercise is best for 2 hours after meals.

Winter should also exercise more | Human beings have been used to having a life of early breaks and sleeping in winter since ancient times.However, in modern life, at the end of the year, work pressure is huge, working overtime, and the meeting is constantly.There are countless meetings, staying up all day and night to sleep, where can I take a good rest?This is the biggest obstacle to “winter health”.In contrast, I often go out and walk around in winter, doing exercises, and will not hinder health at all.

Health Gold Partner — Crude Grain+Sports | Many “traditional health sayings”, such as the most raised person in white rice porridge, to hide in the winter and not to be sports, or it is better to return to ancient times!Is there such white fine white rice in ancient times?They all eat brown rice and coarse grains!Ancient transportation was completely left, and the work was completely relying on the hand. Only cutting firewood and cooking to maintain survival was larger than one hour in the gym!For modern people, eating coarse grains and exercise is good for health no matter the four seasons!

Sitting exercise 1 — Create a tight belly | Is there a lot of meetings at the end of the year, often -sitting is one day?In fact, you can also exercise your body when you are sitting.Relax when you inhale, try to tighten your lower abdomen as much as possible, and shrink your anus upwards.Breathe in this way for 5 minutes, and try to be tired?This exercise method can effectively use the meeting time. In addition to facilitating the tight abdomen, it is also conducive to preventing constipation caused by the weakness of sedentary muscles.

Sitting exercise 2 -exercise your shoulders | People who have been sitting for a long time, do a little challenging movement: straighten your waist and back, raise your hands into your ears, then hang your wristsClockwise around the head (from the left ear to the back of the head to the right ear), the right hand is clockwise around the head (from the right ear to the back of the head to the left ear), turn around with both hands and turn around 50 times; stop, then turn around in the opposite direction.50 times; when you hear your scapula, you even find that there are difficulties in the circle, please raise your hand …

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Sitting 3 —— Raise your hands and move your arms | Sitting for a long time, and then move your arms: Please stretch your hands forward, rub your hands quickly, let your hands get hot, rub 100 times in a row, not to stop.If you feel sour with your arms and sweat all over, please raise your hand …

Simple exercise, preventing and controlling “computer disease” | People who have been sitting for a long time in the evening must be appropriate!Put your hands on the top of your head, straighten your waist and back, and then keep the palm of the palm of the palm quickly with your arms straight, and the rhythm shall not slow down.If you feel muscle fatigue after 100 times, please raise your hand …

In the indoor sports, throw away the “swimming circle” | Many girls in winter are not willing to change the sportswear to go out to fitness because they are afraid of cold, but this is not a reason to sit with fatty meat. It is also good to do a small activity in the house.Even if you just kick your legs, do radio exercises, jump rope in the corridor, kick key, cleaning … As long as you move for more than 20 minutes to keep your body warm, it will be good for preventing the upper body of the fat.Don’t sit down half an hour after meals!

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Beauty is the practice of a woman’s life.Beautiful women are not necessarily natural, but they must know how to treat themselves and change themselves.Now, starting with little by little, treat your body well.Because beauty and health are the beginning of everything.

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