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Entering the new era of health technology cooking, the Mars integrated stove uses the strength to grasp everyone

Entering the new era of health technology cooking, the Mars integrated stove uses the strength to grasp everyone

Today, intelligent and healthy has become the main theme of modern kitchen life, and the Mars integrated stove with its leading R & D investment and the industry’s top patented technologies to create a comprehensive and multi -dimensional health cooking environment, bringing consumers unprecedentedly to consumers unprecedentedHigh -quality cooking experience.

R & D investment lead, the patent number industry is leading

The Mars integrated stove has always adhered to the development of innovation and continued to increase its investment in product development.Under the careful research of the technical research and development team, more than 500 patents have been obtained. These patents cover multiple fields such as integrated stove design, intelligent control, efficient combustion, and mute treatment, so that the technical research and development strength of the Mars in the integrated stove industry has stabilized the strength of the integrated stove industry.At the forefront of the industry, we can rely on strong scientific and technological innovation to enhance the user experience and protect the health of users.

Challenge the “spicy” limit, protect breathing health

With its excellent oil fume processing capabilities, the Martian integrated stove completely solves the problem of permeating the traditional kitchen oil fume, and truly achieves “stir -fry 100 peppers.”Its efficient oil fume separation technology and strong suction design can quickly lock and discharge the oil fume generated during the cooking process, effectively protect the cooking of the cubers from the infringement of oil fume, ensure the breathing health of each user, and make the cooking process more comfortable and healthier.


Dynamic sound noise reduction, guardian hearing health

In response to the problem of excessive noise of traditional kitchen, the Martian integrated stove X5 Pro uses the industry’s leading six professional noise reduction, which reduces the noise to 49.5dB, greatly reducing the noise generated during work, creating a tranquil and comfortable cooking environment.EssenceEven if you simultaneously cook a variety of dishes, you can talk to your family quietly and relaxed, stay away from noise trouble, and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful cooking time.In March 2024, the Mars X5 Pro integrated stove won the authoritative institution-Zhongjiayuan [Ultrasonic Quality] certification certificate, showing the efficient control of Mars in noise and guarding the hearing health of users with intention.


Master -level steaming and baking cooking, locking nutrition and health

The Martian integrated stove not only pays attention to the health of the cooking environment, but also pays attention to the nutritional value of food.The Mars integrated stove X5 Pro is equipped with the MCOOK digital kitchen control system, which can accurately control temperature and uniform heating. It perfectly retains the original flavor and rich nutrition of the ingredients, so that each meal is full of health and deliciousness.Whether it is steaming and keeping the original or baking inspiration, Mars can make your dining table full of surprises and meet the taste needs of the whole family.


Take the lead in national projects, personalized diet breaks kitchen barriers to protect health

With many years of analysis of user pain points and innovative research and development of kitchen appliances technology, the Marsians are responsible for led the 14th Five -Year countries’ key R & D projects & mdash; & mdash; “personalized dietary digital design and intelligent manufacturing research and industrialization demonstration”.And it is also responsible for the “industrialization of food intelligent cooking equipment and personalized dietary manufacturing”, which is mainly responsible for one of the five core topics of the project.Participate in the implementation and implementation of topics such as “Research on Chinese Diet Nutrition Database,” Intelligent Identification Technology Research on Food Variety and ingredients “,” Personalized Recipe Design and System Development “and other topics.The health of each editor’s healthy face, guarding the health of users in all aspects.


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