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Chongqing’s first sports wedding garden started in Shapingba!

Chongqing’s first sports wedding garden started in Shapingba!

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March 20 morning

Chongqing Radio and Television Group (head)

The starting activity of the “1 Eye · Sports Wedding Park” project

Located in Shapingba District

Chongqing Radio and Television Pingdingshan Base was held

Chongqing Radio and Television Group (General Station) start -up activities of the “1 Eye · Sports Wedding Park” project.Photo by Wen Sheng

Executive Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, Guan Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Chongqing Radio and Television Group (General Taiwan), Liu Xiaowu, deputy secretary of the Shapingba District Committee, Li Peng, deputy secretary and editor -in -chief of the Party Committee of Chongqing Radio and Television Group (General Taiwan), and Zhong Wen, deputy district chief,Huang Kexin attended the launching ceremony.

No. 1 Eye · Sports Wedding Garden

The “First Eye · Wedding Wedding Park” Cultural and Creative Project is the first project launched by Chongqing’s propaganda ideological and cultural system to implement the “Three Tackles and One Live” reform of the Municipal Party Committee., An important part of the “one center and four bases” asset activation solution.

The project is located at Jingwei Avenue, Shapingba District. It is located at the junction of the three districts of Shapingba, Yuzhong, and Jiulongpo. It is a very scarce gold land in the central urban area. It covers an area of about 130,000 square meters., Five -made football fields and other sports facilities, floating corridors, leisure squares and other venues, as well as building complexes such as lakes, wedding and love clubs. It is the first nationalized, digital sports and wedding theme base in Chongqing.

“We will rely on the characteristics of radio and television characteristics to use various advanced media technologies to integrate a variety of elements such as national fitness, characteristic weddings, research education, and Internet celebrity punch cards.The immersive experience facility of sports wedding themes such as the Floating Corridor and other sports weddings such as the Bridge Wedding Travel Corridor will create a recognizable and iconic comprehensive cultural tourism.It will also empower the project through a powerful all -media communication system. For example, the introduction of well -known brand columns and programs, open outdoor live broadcast resources, and provide related services such as wedding photography, micro -video, micro -drama, micro -movie, and host anchor.

“The first eye • Sports Wedding Park Project will add new highlights and inject new vitality for the deepening of Shapingba to deepen the” city of youth ‘, and the scenery of the door of the masses’ houses. “The relevant person in charge of Shapingba District said, Actively rely on the service, provide a high -quality and efficient environmental protection environment, and help create a distinctive and influential cultural tourism boutique.It is hoped that the project construction of various units will be carefully organized and scientific construction, and the project will be promoted to be established and launched at an early date.

It is reported that today’s launching ceremony marks the formal entering the construction stage of the “1st Eye · Sports Wedding Park”. At the same time, Chongqing Radio and Television Group will also start the project’s investment promotion work simultaneously.The project will focus on market demand and trend. Through flexible and diverse investment promotion policies and open diversified cooperation models, we will deeply integrate three major scenarios of entrepreneurship, consumption, and life.The project is expected to be basically completed this year.

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Original title: “Chongqing’s first sports wedding garden started in Shapingba!”

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