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Chen Jie meets the Minister of Education, Sports, Youth, Research and Innovation, Gurima

Chen Jie meets the Minister of Education, Sports, Youth, Research and Innovation, Gurima

This year is the year of Jiachen Dragon. From February to April, the “Blessing from China -‘Chinese Dragon’ Global Design Exhibition from Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts and more than 20 Confucius Institutes and related institutions in the world.There are 17 countries on 6 continents around the Antarctica.Eye-opener.

Chinese dragon: From him to self -plastic

“It’s amazing! The lines of ‘Chinese Dragon’ are mostly full and round, and the colors are mostly red or bright yellow. They are very happy and peaceful, which is completely different from the” evil dragon ‘that I will spray from a young age. “At the “China Dragon” design exhibition of Confucius Class, a local middle school student said in an interview.

From February 19th to 22nd local time, as one of the New Year celebrations of the Dragon Year of the Dragon of Ballarte, Australia, “Blessings from China -‘Chinese Dragon’ Global Design Exhibition” successively successively made gold rush town in Balarete”Shufen Mountain”, Confucius Classrooms in Monte Crier Middle School, and Napoleon Elementary School have become a bright color of the local New Year celebrations. The “Chinese Dragon” shows a unique oriental charm on the other side of the southern hemisphere.

Dragon is the totem and unique spiritual identity of the Chinese nation. Since ancient times, it has been regarded as auspicious beasts. It is also a symbol of prosperity, good luck, bravery and wisdom.”Dragon’s Heir”.However, for a long time, in Western culture, dragons are “evil dragons” and are symbols of vicious and violent forces. The Western world has also translated “Chinese Dragon” into “The Chinese Dragon”.

“We hope to grasp the right to spread the spread of foreign culture through exhibitions, promote the reshaping of the image of the” Chinese Dragon “, spread Chinese culture more accurately, and show the world a friendly civilization, brave and wise, self -improvement, enthusiastic China image.”Sun Lei, general planning of the exhibition, professor of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts.

2023On December 22nd, the United Nations officially passed a resolution to determine the Spring Festival (the Chinese Lunar New Year) as the United Nations holiday.

Innovative communication: cultural translation+visual design

“This work is” Dragon’s Chuan “, the design uses the elements of Chinese calligraphy. From the general point of view, the entire design is a variant of the traditional Chinese character ‘dragon’. If you look closely, you will find that the word can be split intoThe three words of ‘”country’ ” dragon ‘, this is the charm of Chinese character art in the visual communication design.Saying.

Beginning with “curiosity”, “understanding”, “love”.The exhibition uses Chinese art elements such as paper -cutting, calligraphy, and traditional handicraft art. Through the combination and interaction between text, graphics, techniques, colors, etc.Forms have brought a strong visual impact and multicultural experience to foreign audiences, and the unique Chinese culture such as the Spring Festival, the zodiac, and the dragon are displayed three -dimensional.

“Design is a silent communication language. It can break the cultural gap and language barrier between the country.Said the new pattern of interpretation.

In addition to the use of visual design, the design exhibition also combines Chinese -unique cultural and art forms such as lion dance, face change, and folk music during the holding process.Globalization, regional, and popular expression.In South Africa, the Design Exhibition entered the Spring Festival of Consulate General in South Africa; in Canada, the Design ExhibitionAttractCitizens and students visit the Dragon Club, watch the dragon exhibition, and dance the dragon whip. Many teachers and students pick up the brushes.Open the dragon painting creation of its own on the scene;In Uruguay, the design exhibition adopted an open and shared outdoor art exhibition method to attract many local citizens to stop and take photos and check in.

youth: The new forces spread to the outside world

twenty twoYear-oldJiang GuannanShe is a student of visual communication design of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts. Her design work “Fu Yun Longlong” relies on the “China Dragon” Global Design Exhibition. It has been exhibited in Spain, Australia and other countries.In the packaging design of the Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Federations New Year, the circle of friends of teachers and students was once popular.

“The design of” Fun Yun Longlong “is inspired by the intangible cultural heritage of China -paper flowers, ‘Chinese dragon’ ‘with the help of changes and colorful‘ flowers, Achieved ‘one change of dragon dance auspiciousness, twoChangeDragon Feifeng Dance, Three Change Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, FourChangeInverted gold hook, fiveChangeYou Yun shocked the dragon … “The image symbolizes the success of the blessing, luck, and wealth of the year of the dragon!“Jiang Guannanexplain.

In the Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts, design college students like Jiang Guannan, among the more than 300 creations of the Zodiac Design Competition each year, have injected new vitality into the transmission of the zodiac culture.Since 2013, the Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts has held the “Zodiac Design Contest of Chinese Universities” for 11 consecutive years. Only the “Zodiac Dragon” Design Contest in 2024, the organizing committee has received more than 30 countries and regions around the world.More than 7,000 works in colleges and universities have selected more than 200 (sets) of outstanding works to participate in the Global Design Exhibition.

“Holding the zodiac design contest in colleges and universities not only promotes the culture of culture, but also promotes the organic integration of ‘design+ideological politics’.”Zhang Peiyuan, deputy dean of the School of Design, said, “The new generation of youth is more creative, and their creation will also play a greater role in promoting the cultural exchanges and mutual learning of Chinese and foreign.” (China Education News-China Education News NetworkReporter Wei Haizheng Correspondent Shilongtan)

The “China Dragon” Global Design Exhibition entered the University of Kenya, Kenya.Picture of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts

China Dragon’s “Global Design Exhibition” ended perfectly in Barin.Picture of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts

Tong Yan Ling’s “Long Teng Four Seas”.Picture of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts

China Education News-China Education NewsCaimalfrains, planting seedlings in rice fields, cooking in the kitchen … Recently, Shaoji School of Daoxian County, Hunan Province carried out a labor practice education class in the same section of teachers and students to move the classroom to the school’s labor education base, so that students can be in practice in practiceExercise your body and enhance your skills.This is a microcosm of the county’s “Labor Education Month” activity in the county.

Before and after the “May Day” holiday, the schools of the county revolved around “knowing”, “doing” and “thinking”, and through the practical activities such as “I am happy and happy”, “I am a small worker”, etc., to fully tap labor education resources, innovate labor educationForms, guide students to get out of the classroom, do, use their brains, heart, and heart to experience the fun of labor in rural, vegetable gardens, and campus labor, and consciously establish the correct labor values and good labor quality, so that they love labor.

“Labor education is a compulsory course for students. In recent years, all primary and secondary schools in the county have taunted the labor education practice base according to local conditions.Zhou Mingyuan, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the County Education Bureau, introduced that in accordance with the principles of “one school, one case”, open up labor education courses, clarify the focus of student labor education practice, promote the integration of labor education in primary and secondary schools, build “labor educationThe new model of the base+on -campus labor practice+housework and labor practice “helps students grow up healthy.

“As the first batch of Hunan Province Education Education Experimental School, we pay attention to the organic integration of labor education and discipline courses, so that the function of labor comprehensive education can be realized in the silent and silent of moisturizing.”Vigorously develop school -based courses such as planting, cooking, handmade, intelligent manufacturing, open up 80 acres of student labor practice bases, and carry out a series of activities of labor practice inside and outside the school, which greatly meets the diverse needs of students’ labor practice.

“Each semester, we rely on the campus farming and cultural experience area to divide a responsibility place for each class, develop planting plans by teachers and students from each class, let students understand the growth process of plants and food through labor practice, and experience the hardships of labor.Understand the hard work of parents. “Li Zhenhai, secretary of the party branch and principal of Guyuan School of Daoxian County, said that according to the age characteristics of the students, the labor assessment project is formulated in grades and levels to enhance students’ labor skills, allowing studentsHappy will, happy harvest.During the holidays, the school will arrange to adhere to the challenge of one -hour independent labor projects every day, which will make labor a habit.

At the beginning of the year, the county’s education bureau issued documents such as the “Implementation Plan for Labor Education in the New Era of Primary and Middle School Education in the New Era” in 2024, and regarded labor education as a prying of “five education”, promoting the comprehensive development of students and building a high -quality education system for students.Powerful grasps, guide the school to formulate the “Family Labor List”, promote the integration of labor education resources, discipline integration, and home -school union, and strive to form a school -based, family -based, socially supported workEducation work pattern.It is reported that the county has successfully established the National Elementary and Middle School Science Education Experimental School and the labor education practice base of the primary and secondary schools in Hunan Province. At the same time, it has built a number of special labor education practice bases.

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