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Business is the accelerator of economic development

Business is the accelerator of economic development

  Wu Yilin, editor -in -chief of Beijing Daily Newspaper Group:

  Excellent service and innovation model inject strong motivation for business

Beijing Commercial Daily

  In the past 2023, it was the beginning of the 2023 of the party’s 20th spirit, and it was also the year after the economic recovery and development of the new crown epidemic prevention and control of the new crown epidemic.The business field has personally experienced a series of consumer policy and measures. The “Beijing Consumption Season” activity is in full swing, igniting the city’s “fireworks”; traditional format competes for “breaking circle”, new transformation of old shopping malls, online celebrities, and Beijing’s first storesThe layers are stacked, and the existing renewal and brand renewal have become the main theme of commercial development; the booming development of new business and new models such as live e -commerce and instant retail, the convenience of consumption convenience has been greatly improved, and residents have continued to increase happiness.These are both positive signals with a good situation of economic recovery, but also a powerful manifestation of industrial optimization and upgrading and high -quality development.

  2024, it isThe tenth anniversary of the major strategy of cooperative development.In the past ten years, with the promotion of brand power, the regional business has continuously developed in the direction of healthy, high -quality, and high quality, showing strong vitality and confidence.It will also be promising and worth looking forward to.

  Fu Yuehong, President of the Beijing Commercial Federation:

  The development of commercial brands must create a Changhong effect

Beijing Commercial Daily

  In recent years, with the development of the economy and the change of consumption concepts, higher requirements have been put on the development of the brand.Commercial brands need to continuously improve their innovative ability and competitiveness to meet the needs of consumers; they also need to actively explore new business models and marketing methods to adapt to market changes and challenges.

  The announcement of the top ten commercial brands in Beijing in 2023 is not only recognition and encouragement of the brand, but also an incentive and spur on the entire business industry.

  At the same time, the development of commercial brands is a long -term process that needs to be continuously innovated, improved, and improved to create a Changhong effect.The brand is not only a logo, but also a comprehensive embodiment of corporate image, product quality, service experience, etc., and is an important guarantee for corporate competitiveness and market value.Brand construction is a manifestation of commercial vitality. Enterprises must penetrate the needs of market demand, grasp consumer psychology, and continuously improve product quality and service levels, and strengthen talent training and team building.

  With the development of science and technology and market changes, commercial brands also need to actively embrace new technologies, new models, and new formats to promote digital, intelligent and green development.This can not only improve the production efficiency and service quality of the enterprise, but also meet consumers’ needs for environmental protection, health, and convenience, and enhance the brand’s image and value.

  Jiang Ming, president of the China Commercial Federation:

  Business will usher in a broader development space

Beijing Commercial Daily

  For business people, 2023 is a year full of challenges and opportunities.This year witnessed the ups and downs of the market, and also witnessed the tenacity and hard work of businessmen.Through a series of policies and measures issued by the state, actively restore and expand consumption. The total retail sales of Chinese social consumer goods increased by 7.2%year -on -year in 2023, exceeding 47 trillion yuan.

  Under the current economic development situation, the 2024 Beijing Commercial Brand Conference is undoubtedly a stubborn agent, providing a stage of honor and praise for those companies that have won the public in the business field and won the public recognition of the public.

  As a vane of commercial development, the ten major commercial brand activities emphasize the importance of brand innovation, professional and quality in business development.

  With the joint efforts of the whole society, the national economy has continued to recover, and the overall recovery is better.With the continuous expansion and upgrading of the consumer market, commerce will usher in a broader room for development.The more at a critical moment, the more we must step forward calmly and firmly, uphold the spirit of high -quality development, and dare to expand the new market and create and develop new advantages of new kinetic energy.

  Zhao Jian, president of the China Economic Media Association:

  Brand communication is an important driving force for high -quality economic development

Beijing Commercial Daily

  In the past year, my country has hosted external pressure, overcome internal difficulties, and the economy has shown strong toughness and vitality, and the overall showing a continuous recovery trend.The pace of recovery of the consumer market has continued to accelerate. Many commercial enterprises have actively transformed and upgraded, and the innovative development model has made outstanding contributions to ensuring people’s livelihood, stabilizing the market, and promoting the recovery of the economy.Among them, the construction of commercial brands is indispensable.In the 19 consecutive years, the top ten commercial brands in Beijing have discovered the leading role of business brands on stimulating consumption. This persistence and support has cultivated many famous commercial brands in Beijing and effectively promoted consumption growth.

  Under the general trend of promoting the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to China, the transformation of the speed of China to China, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands, brand communication is no longer just a marketing way for corporate products, but an important driving force for high -quality development.The all -media communication of corporate brands is to promote corporate productivity.

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