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Build Longjiang Food Industry into a development contribution industry

Build Longjiang Food Industry into a development contribution industry

In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s instructions in the in -depth development of the “original font size”, promote the implementation of the strategic deployment of the second plenary session of the 12th Provincial Party Committee, with the grain of grain heads and agricultural heads, grasping domestic foodThe new trend and new trend of industrial development experience provides a reference for the accelerated development of the food industry in our province. The Provincial Government Research Office and the Provincial Industry and Credit Commission have recently formed a inspection team to study and inspect 12 backbone food companies in Shandong and Henan provinces.In recent years, the food industry in the two provinces of Lu and Yu has developed rapidly, and it has become a leading industry that supports regional development. They focus on new demands and new requirements in the market, and build a high -quality food supply system as the main direction of the food industry’s transformation and upgrading.Many experiences such as the new growth space of the new standard of gathering in the market, expanding the new growth space of the food industry, and other experiences are worthy of our reference.The establishment of the Longjiang Food Industry into a contribution -based industry and the establishment of the institutional mechanism of the cooperation and innovation of the food industry in the three provinces of the Luyu and Hururable provinces should also be the direction of our exploration.

The food industry has become the leading industry for the development of the support regional support regional Luyu provinces

As of the end of 2016, the main business income of the food industry in the two provinces of Lu and Yu accounted for 26.8%of the country, and the industry’s economic aggregate ranked among the top two in the country.

——The development growth is faster.During the “Twelfth Five -Year Plan” period, the main business income of the food industry in Shandong and Henan provinces increased from 1.16 trillion yuan in 2011, 1.67 trillion yuan to 1.68 trillion yuan and 1.06 trillion yuan in 2015, an increase of 44.8%, respectively., 71.0%.The proportion of the food manufacturing industry in Henan Province has accelerated year by year. Among them, flour, instant noodles, quick -frozen rice noodle food, and biscuits have ranked first in the country.

——The development quality is higher.In 2015, Shandong Province’s total food industry profits achieved 96.88 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7%over 2011 and an average annual increase of 5.0%.Essence

——This leadership is strong.The number of industrial enterprises above the scale of the food industry in Shandong and Henan provinces are 4992 and 3410 respectively.As of now, companies with sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan in the food industry of the two provinces have reached 10 and 4 households; A -share listed enterprises have reached 12 and 5 households, respectively.Agricultural leading enterprises above designated size in Shandong Province have grown to more than 9,200, accounting for one -tenth of the country, with an output value of 1.5 trillion yuan, accounting for a quarter of the country.

——The characteristic industrial cluster develops rapidly.Qingdao, Linyi, Yantai, Weifang, Texas, Weihai, and Liaocheng in Shandong Province have revenue of more than 100 billion yuan in the food industry business income of 7 cities in 7 cities, accounting for 68.3%of the province’s food industry.Relying on the park, 15 special industrial clusters have been formed in China. Among the 180 industrial gathering areas in Henan Province, there are 73 industrial clusters dominated by agricultural and sideline products processing and food manufacturing.There are 38, and 14 food industry agglomeration areas have achieved main business income exceeding 10 billion yuan.

——The brand building has achieved remarkable results.There are 243 food brands in Shandong Province. They have been identified as famous brand products in Shandong Province. 9 companies including Qingdao Beer, Yantai Zhangyu, and Deleis won the Governor’s Quality Award, and 77 food trademarks were identified as a well -known trademark in China.Among the top 10 meat brands across the country, three companies in Henan Province were selected, and Shuanghui Group became the largest meat processing enterprise in the country.61 corporate trademarks such as Shuanghui, Lotus, and Sanquan won the title of “China Famous Trademark”, and 26 products from 20 companies including Huaying, Missing, and Yongda won the title of “Chinese brand”.Sanquan, missing frozen food market share of more than 50%.

The main experience of accelerating the development of the food industry between Lu and Yu provinces

Build a high -quality food supply system, build a new format’s food industry operating model, expand new growth space for the development of the food industry, build a full industry chain for the sustainable and healthy development of the food industry, and support the food industry to become bigger and stronger.

The first is to focus on new demands and new requirements in the market, and build a high -quality food supply system as the main direction of the food industry’s transformation and upgrading.The two provinces not only focus on food needs, focus on the return of the elderly, the new trends and new trends and new trends and new trends and new trends and new trends and new trends and new trends and safety of young people.Industrial transformation and upgrading, the value -added service of the expansion and sales of enterprise product varieties.Missing Group grasps the market pulse, pays attention to the needs of new consumer groups such as security, health, fashion, nutrition, and develops products that sell well -based on roads. They will lead new consumption with new products.Successfully became one of the fastest food brands in the world in 2017.

The second is to rely on the new needs of the central kitchen to build a new format’s food industry operation model.Study and inspection found that whether the food industry of the two provinces is the front -end planting breeding supplier, the intermediate production processing manufacturer, the terminal service provider, or the food industry -related service field, relying on the new development requirements of the central kitchen, consciousReform and innovate in various links, build a new format for the food platform economy that integrates the development of traditional formats, and accelerate the construction of a new business operation model for the food industry, especially to actively promote new marketing models such as O2O and Central Kitchen B2B to achieve convenient food and quick -frozen product manufacturersThe transformation and upgrade of food suppliers at the table.Henan Hebi Said Food Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity of new demand, adopted the production method of central kitchen, combined with traditional food technology and formula, to shape a digital and standardized new production processing process, promote the industrialization of breakfast, dishes, and staple foods, develop and produce and produce and produce and produceSpeed -frozen rice products, dishes products, traditional sauce braised products, seasonal vegetable products, etc. are competing for market share with foreign fast food. At present, new business marketing such as breakfast kitchen, college enterprise institutions, and online sales of dinner has entered a strong period.

The third is to use new technologies, new processes and new standards to gather new advantages in market competition, and expand new growth space for the development of the food industry.The food industry of the two provinces adopts new technologies such as ultra -micro crushing, supercritical extraction, membrane separation, ester exchange, frozen drying, instantaneous sterilization, molecular distillation, and rapid and accurate detection technology, as well as advanced information technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing, big data, etc., and break throughThe key to the development of the food industry and the restrictions on core technology bottlenecks, promoting the food industry to deep essence processing and upstream and downstream extensions, and realized the transformation of traditional food industry to new industrialization, informatization, and intelligence.The Henan Xinzheng City Flowing Eagle Group is integrated through the integrated e -sports industry, online malls, fans and other related industrial resources. The developed high -end Tibetan scent pig fermented ham is sold to more than 30,000 yuan each.Shandong Xintai City Jiahe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. invested 500 million yuan an annual output of 25 million tons of amino acid projects, and adopted advanced membrane filtration solid -liquid separation technology fermented liquid amino acids.Compared to 1: 4.Shandong Runde Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has an annual high -purity 20,000 -ton amino glucose research and development and production base, with annual sales revenue reached 1.11 billion yuan.1820 food production enterprises in Shandong Province have passed ISO22000 certification or HACCP certification, 734 companies have passed organic food certification, 2713 companies have passed green food certification. Food companies actively participate in the formulation of international standards, national standards, and industry standards. At presentThe product internal control standards of beer, wine, livestock, poultry meat products, frozen conditioning foods, function sugar and other industries have reached the international advanced level.

Fourth, the development of the integration of the primary, two, and three industries is the entire industry chain for the continuous and healthy development of the food industry.At present, more than 20 companies such as Shuanghui, Dahuang, Huaying, Cody, Zhenglong Foods, and Missing You are committed to building a “market -manufacturing -breeding” integrated industrial chain enterprise group.Driving the development of the “agriculture and rural areas” to make contributions, and also promoted the development of green and low -carbon development, recycling and cleaning production.Shandong Province promotes the establishment and improvement of the food industry and planting, breeding industry, feed processing industry, packaging and equipment manufacturing, warehousing cold chain logistics industry, catering industry and other industries to establish upstream and downstream industrial chain interactive mechanisms, realizing collaborative innovation, mutual benefit and reciprocity,Develop together.Tai’an City, Shandong Province strengthened security services, and focuses on promoting the construction of a complete industrial system of “raw materials-processing-inspection and testing-sales”. At present, there are 114 food manufacturers in the city, covering breeding raw materials production, grain processing, meat product processing26 major categories, including condiments, alcohol, beverages, food additives, and other 56 varieties of 26 categories have formed the entire industry chain.

Fifth, the support of planning guidance and policy incentives, support the food industry to become bigger and stronger.Shandong Province has formulated the “Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting the Development of the Processing Industry of the Agricultural Products” and proposed 25 support policies and guarantee measures.At present, Shandong Province’s agricultural industrialization provincial -level leading leading enterprises have reached 1,000, and the proportion of farmers participating in industrialized operations has reached more than 85%, and households increased by more than 3,000 yuan.In order to accelerate the adjustment and transformation and upgrading of Henan Province, Henan Province arranges 50 million yuan of special funds each year to support the implementation of technical transformation, intelligent transformation, and green transformation of wine companies to build a “original wine base -brewing -brand”.Create a well -known brand with national influence.

Countermeasures for accelerating the development of the food industry in our province

Create the institutional mechanism of the development of Longjiang food industry and the construction of the food industry cooperation development and collaborative innovation of the three provinces of Luyu and Huro

First, draw on the experience of the two provinces of Lu and Yu, and build the Longjiang Food Industry into a development contribution industry.The first is to improve the development capacity of the food industry’s innovation and create a development contribution industry.Implement the food industry’s scientific and technological innovation -driven strategy, focus on the development of a new generation of nutritional formula food industry, promote the three major changes in development quality, development efficiency, and development momentum.industry.The second is to build a high -quality green organic security supply system that meets the needs of the central kitchen market.Focusing on the industrialization of staple food, socialization of dining tables, and digitalization of digital order, organize the province’s backbone food enterprises to launch regional central kitchen projects, accelerate the construction of the central kitchen supply system of Longjiang region and cross -region, and expand the value -added space for the value -added space of the entire industry chain in the industrial chainEssenceIt is necessary to firmly grasp the technical standards of the central kitchen in the Northeast region and the initiative of the industry standards, and cultivate Longjiang Green Kitchen into a Chinese kitchen.The third is to accelerate the construction of a new food industry cooperation model for the integration and development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industry.Focusing on creating a cross -industry integration, the supply chain of value -added services, and the innovative chain that leads the development of intelligent development, accelerate the entire process of processing the whole process of breeding and plus sales in the province to form a green organic breeding base at the forefront.Support, the terminal refined production safety guarantee, the balance between supply and demand, the full coverage of cold chain logistics, and the new food industry cooperation model of financial insurance services.Fourth, promote the development of the food industry park in the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.The implementation of the province’s county (district) and township (township) food industry park stocks, integrated production capacity and surplus enterprise resources, promote leading enterprises, the development of small and medium -sized enterprises, individual entrepreneurship prosperity, and accelerate the gathering of food industry elements.Fifth, establish a policy support system for the development of the food industry.The industrial planning rules are transparent, policy support, multiple investment and financing, active technological innovation, strict quality control, obvious industry self -discipline, professional training in place, and full demonstration of entrepreneurial spirit.

Second, build an institutional mechanism for the development and collaborative innovation of the food industry in the three provinces of Luyu and Huro.The first is to establish a competitive high -end development resource introduction mechanism.The introduction of the high -end development elements of the food industry in Luyu and Yu provinces in order to promote the movement, and the introduction of high -end development elements of the food industry. It pays more attention to the introduction of a competitive and preferred mechanism, and promotes the organic integration of the central and high -end consumer channels of the food industry in our province and the mid -to -high -end consumer channels in North China.The second is to establish a coordinated mechanism for the integration of the integration of inter -provincial first, secondary and tertiary industries.Establish the industrial chain, supply chain, value chain, innovation chain construction, integration and integration mechanism for the three provinces across regions, and promote the seamless connection between the demand space for the two provinces and the clear supply advantages of Longjiang.The third is to establish a cooperation mechanism for the construction of the food industry supply base.Make full use of the geographical logo of the province’s breeding, build a personalized high -end production base, and increase the channels for farmers to increase their income.The fourth is to establish a working linkage mechanism of orderly undertaking some food industry transfer.It is necessary to take the initiative to take the initiative, open the door investment, and take the initiative to undertake the transfer of the food industry, including Lu Yu provinces, and adhere to the principles of environmental protection bottom lines and resource intensive contracts, and conditionally undertake the corn processing, breeding, and feed industry of Luyu and Yu.Fifth, the cooperation development space for the construction of a high -level food supply system for the three provinces of Luyu and Huru.It is seamlessly connected with new economy, new technologies, new industries, and new business models such as the central kitchen market, brand manufacturer, and platform network interconnection space of Lu.

(Writing: Li Qingjun, Cao Hu, Wu Shanli)


A few days ago, the General Office of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government issued the “Opinions of the General Office of the People’s Government of Heilongjiang Provincial Provincial People’s Government on Accelerating the Constitutional Reform of Agricultural Supply Side and Vigorously Develop the Economic Economy Economy”.The provincial high -quality quality product rate increases by about 10 percentage points, the average annual income of the business ownership business of grain processing has increased by about 10%.The backbone grain enterprises with 100 million yuan have reached more than 5, and about 15 backbone grain processing enterprises with their main business income of more than 2 billion yuan have reached 15, which consolidates the foundation of the food industry in order to ensure the security of national food security and the construction of a modern new Longjiang.

Enhance the development of grain enterprises.Each main food county (city, district) cultivates at least one backbone grain enterprise, and each grain -producing cities cultivate at least one grain enterprise group that integrates the development of the integration of one, two, and tertiary industries.

Cultivate and strengthen the leading enterprise of food industrialization.Encourage the entire industrial chain to comprehensively operate large -scale leading enterprises (groups) and other market entities such as Nine Three, Commercial and Trade Group, Beidamo Grain Group and Heilongjiang Grain Industry Group to achieve a strong union, and cultivate strong competition in the national grain industry in the country.Large -scale grain leading enterprises (groups) of strength and influence have worked hard to become “aircraft carriers” in the food field.

Accelerate application and promotion of new formats.Construction of professional markets such as Helen Soy Soy Exchange Center supports at least one influential self -built e -commerce platform for each city (prefecture) and county (cities).Construction of “Heilongjiang Good Grain and Oil” online sales platform and marketing channels for sales areas.

Vigorously promote the industrialization of staple food.Support the industrialized operation of rice noodles, corn, miscellaneous grains, and potato staple food products, and vigorously develop nutritional breakfast, convenient food, and quick -frozen food.Carry out the construction of industrialization of staple food, create a number of staple food production and operation demonstration units, and promote new models such as “production base + central kitchen + catering store”, “production base + processing enterprise + commercial super sales”, “workshop replacement + joint development”.Protect and tap traditional staple food products to increase color varieties.Strengthen the integration and innovation of staple food products and other foods, and encourage and support the development of personalized functional staple food products.

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