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Adeleye Gets Tips from Lennox Lewis for Wardley Clash

Adeleye Gets Tips from Lennox Lewis for Wardley Clash

The much-anticipated Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou bout will be broadcast live on October 28, and another major showdown between David Adeleye and Fabio Wardley will also feature.WBO European heavyweight champion Adeleye revealed that he received valuable advice from former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis in preparation for the fight. Adelier mentioned that they discussed the fight at a dinner party.

David Adeleye has revealed that he got “some advice” from boxing legend Lennox Lewis, who will be taking on Fabio Wardley in Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou Wardley).

On Tuesday, Adelier, 26, attended a fiery press conference with his opponent, where he admitted that he wasn’t nervous about facing Wardley, who had claimed Adelier was “nervous and restless” at a recent media event.

But ahead of the fight, Adelier said he had dinner with former undisputed heavyweight champion Lewis, who gave him some advice on how to approach the fight.

“Just picking his brain,” Adeleye said when pressed on what the pair spoke about over dinner. “I didn’t want to pick it too much, you know, we were out at dinner. So talking. Nice guy, down to earth. We spoke about everything.

“I’m just like, ‘this guy is not slow’. It’s humbling, you know, and, at the same time, it’s overwhelming.

“I love it, though. You know, I take it in all of my stride and I just kind of go with the flow, but yeah, he [Lewis] said he’s going to be there as well. I was just getting some tips off him. He was giving me a lot of tips on what to do, what not to do.”

On whether he could reveal any of those tips, the London-born fighter said: “No, you’ll see that on fight night.”

Lewis will be one of just many star-studded names ringside as the 26-year-old looks to extend his 12-fight unbeaten record.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather are also rumoured to be attending the event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with Wardley previously admitting that he wants to impress the former Manchester United and Real Madrid football star with a win.

Fury is set to go toe-to-toe with MMA star Ngannou in the main card, and Adeleye also admitted that the ‘Gypsy King’ had spoken to him before the event and also revealed that he was in fact meant to train with Fury in the build up.

“Oh yeah I spoke to Tyson, too. Yeah, we spoke, the last time I was actually at a press conference as well,” he said.

“I was actually meant to be training with him, but obviously, I was in America, so it couldn’t work out, but, yeah, we spoke as well.”

Adeleye lauded the MMA star but flatly claimed that his money was on Fury to win.

“Tyson,” he said, when asked for his prediction. “I like Ngannou, though. He seems like a real sportsman. He’s a real gentleman. He’s a nice guy. You can tell he is a powerhouse.

“He obviously whacks. But he’s coming into Tyson’s game. You know, it’s the difference between table tennis and tennis?”

Adeleye Gets Tips from Lennox Lewis for Wardley Clash

He added that he was backing the British fighter to defeat Oleksandr Usyk after their unification bout was confirmed.

He said: “Tyson again. Too big, too smart. Usyk’s a tremendous fighter, though. They’re both at the top of the tree for a reason. But yeah, I think my money’s just on Tyson.”

Thousands of boxing fans are set to tune in to watch Adeleye’s bout with Wardley, with Frank Warren claiming it will be a “special” occasion with the winner “able to establish themselves around the world”.

Speaking on his excitement to step into the ring, Adeleye said: “Yeah, it’s good. You know, going down in the history books and at the end of the day all we are is a bunch of memories.

“So, you know something for us to remember, you know, and something for us to tell our next generation. To say I fought in Saudi on such a big show is an accomplishment, so yeah.”

Wardley also boasts an unbeaten record, having not lost in 16 fights.

Asked if his status as a heavyweight champion gave Adeleye extra motivation, Wardley said: “It does because I think a lot of people are writing me off, I think a lot of people are kind of just backing him.

“A lot of people are rooting for him, so it’s good. It’s good because it’s the first time in my career it’s happened. But to meet champions, you have got overcome adversity, right? So it is what it is.”

Whatever the outcome of next week’s fight, Adeleye admitted he has his eyes on the top.

“I believe I’m inclined towards facing the prominent figures, and it’s the fans who create those significant and captivating matchups.”

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