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2023 fashion trend, first know!Fashionable first!You must be eye -catching!

2023 fashion trend, first know!Fashionable first!You must be eye -catching!

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Can 2023 continue to be a tide of fashion C position?

Temperament must be able to hold it

Follow all the fashion cutting -edge messages under the Clivia

My queen, dazzling one, your fashionable fan!

2023Six major fashion popular elements inventory

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ONE:Chinese style element

Chinese style element points includeCheongsam, China knot, plate buckle, embroideryWaiting for many national tide elementsEssenceLast year’s super popular“new Chinese style,,2023It will also continue to become popular, shine,Widely popular.

TWO:Doomsday waste earth wind elements

“Doomsday Waste Earth Wind” refers to“High -tech” and “Low Life”The combination of magic, the overall color isBlack, white, gray, earth colorMainly, emphasize a kindDecadent and beautiful, Low -key and quaint without losing the sense of atmosphere of high -tech atmosphere, alsoBig BOSS popular this year!

Three:Minimal profile element

Minimal profile element isAll kinds of or soft or stiff collar,Simple, smooth and charming clothing, combination of neatly linesEssenceThe minimalist silhouette is more particular about the control of details and fabrics,It has always been the popular song.

Four:High -saturated color elements

High -saturated color element isHigh saturation color binding tie -dye, flowers or striped patterns, Effectively inject a kind of active, happy vitality into each single product,Known as color dopamine!It is the popular frontier this year.

Five:Sexy lace element

Sexy lace elements will be a super popular in 2023.Exquisite and looming tulleTransparent outer hood can add the softness of clothing, and can alsoCreate a sense of layering, Sexy charm, enhancing softness,It is always out of date!

Six:Gothic element

Gothic elements are really love and hate!Rebellion and bold, the color is mostly black, dark, and a few reds are mainly red, The beauty of danger that shows the sense of sharp edge,Such popularity seems to be inhaling blood veins, so amazing!

The fashion of each era is reflected in the beautification of people in this era for the form of daily life. People’s aesthetic concepts penetrate all aspects of daily life, showing or the same or similar to the previous.The same is the same as before, and the difference between the same is fashion!

Fashion is not limited to clothing, but further expansion, it is any daily necessities of any type of daily life.It is also the first -time need for people in the age of face, so master a certain fashion and fashion packaging skills,Not only can you improve yourself, you can also get a certain amount of realization.

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